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* immuno 9,10
  kashmala - 10/31/06 22:21
  A 30-year-old male known to be infected with H1V
begins to have difficulty with activities of daily living. He
has memory problems and decreased ability to perform
functions that require fine motor control, such as writing or
painting. His CD4 lymphocyte count is 150//L. Which of
the following cell types is most important for the dissemi-
nation of the infection into the central nervous system?
O (A) NK cell
O (B) Macrophage
O (C) Neutrophil
O (D) CD8 lymphocyte
O (E) Langerhans cell

A 63-year-old male with chronic rheumatoid arthritis
presents with proteinuria and the nephrotic syndrome. A
rectal biopsy is performed, which demonstrates amyloid
deposition. Amyloid deposition in this setting
(A) Is within the cytoplasm
(B) Contains mainly (>50%) P component
(C) Is derived from an acute-phase reactant (SAA)
(E) Does not show birefringence after Congo red stain-
(F) Is derived from lambda light chains
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* Re:immuno 9,10
  vl2ss - 10/31/06 22:24
  EE?? No clue!!
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* Re:immuno 9,10
  zarra - 10/31/06 22:28
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* Re:immuno 9,10
  sage2006 - 10/31/06 22:32
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* Re:immuno 9,10
  kashmala - 10/31/06 22:36
  yes B n C  
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* Re:immuno 9,10
  bep111 - 10/31/06 22:38
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* Re:immuno 9,10
  aklilu - 10/31/06 22:46
  1.B Macrophages( Microglia) are the other cells infected by HIV virus and can desseminate it to CNS
2. ? F
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* Re:immuno 9,10
  kashmala - 11/01/06 00:55
  (B) Macrophages can become infected with HIV and
are not destroyed like CD4 cells. Instead, macrophages
survive to carry the infection to tissues throughout the
body, particularly the brain. I-IIV infection of the brain can
result in encephalitis and dementia. NK cells and neutro-
phils play no significant role in HIV infection. CD8 lym-
phocytes cannot be infected with HIV. Langerhans cells in
mucosal surfaces may aid in initial HIV infection of CD4
(C) In chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheu-
matoid arthritis, the SAA precursor protein forms the major
amyloid fibril protein AA. Amyloid is deposited in intersti-
tial locations, not intracellularly. The P component is a
minor component of the amyloid. All amyloid demonstrates
the characteristic "apple green" birefringence under polar-
ized light microscopy after Congo red staining--anything
else would not be amyloid. Amyloid derived from light
chains in association with multiple myeloma has AL fibrils
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