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* Qbank Comparison - Opinions
  drewry - 10/31/06 22:54
  Kaplan Qbank

- Gold standard
- Challenging questions
- Detail Explanations
- Useful performance tracking
- Fairly stable system (except during June to July)
- Expensive, expensive, expensive!!!

- Bottom line: Get it if you can afford it!



- Pretty new (fresh materials)
- Slightly easier questions
- Great explanation and First-Aid Facts!!!
- Some technical problems here and there
- Not too expensive, but few people can afford both Kaplan and USMLErx

- Bottom line: Give it a try if you can't afford Kaplan


USMLE Steps1-2-3

- Another new comer
- Great Interface
- Questions are fairly standard, no surprise here
- Some cool performance review options (not quite important personally)
- Explanation is also great
- Also expensive

- Bottom line: It's either USMLErx or this



- Latest player
- Mix of long clinical-based questions and rapid-firing review questions.
- Explanation is also good.
- Great Interface
- Performance review is pretty good
- No subscription necessary, cheap, cheap, cheap (Search for coupon codes online)!

- Bottom line: Great supplement to Kaplan or USMLErx or USMLE Step 1-2-3. Get them both if you can afford another 30-40 bucks.



- It's been there for a while (questions seem to be unchanged)
- Smaller question pool size
- All stanard features
- Not too expensive
- Average quality in general

- Bottom line: Get it afer you have finished everything else and still want more questions.

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* Re:Qbank Comparison - Opinions
  qiaoma - 10/31/06 23:31
  USMLEWORLD is running a promotion for the weekend. Only $25.

The USMLExchange 50 free credits coupon is 'PanicAttack', but you need to use a .edu email address to register for the account.

USMLE Steps 1-2-3 used to offer coupons through Just keep checking online for it.

USMLErx ran a special long time ago when it first started......

Kaplan Coupon? Forget it!!! (You may have a slim chance of winning a free Qbank subscription if you sign up for their sweepstake, check with your med schools).
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* Re:Qbank Comparison - Opinions
  rmansour - 10/31/06 23:32
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* Re:Qbank Comparison - Opinions
  drcoolmd - 11/01/06 00:50
  Dear qiaoma :

thanks for the info............ i have 1 Q.............

Where did you get the info for "USMLEWORLD is running a promotion for the weekend. Only $25."?

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