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* Kaplan DVD videos...
  josh888 - 10/31/06 12:45
  can smoebody rank these kaplan videos. #1 being the "must see"

__A. IM
__B. ob and gynecology
__C pedia
__D. surgery
__E. Psychiatry

Are they all worth watching?

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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  nexus - 10/31/06 13:22
  yes they r.....they really them with the lecture notes...then start UW & Q bank (or go with Q bank subjectwise after u finish each subject then UW at the end) everyone has their prefrences.  
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  josh888 - 10/31/06 22:02
  if you are running out of time, what video would you recommend to watch first, 2nd, 3rd and so forth. Im running out of time man, still to do uw and qbank plus qbook. thanks.  
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  dolly123 - 10/31/06 22:06
  do all IM ones first...cardio/hemeonc/renal/ are very good

obg and gyne are boring but useful..same for repetitive that you end up getting it by heart

peds --dunno..never did it myself

psych and surg generally better to do from UW and read around stuff that u dont know

nb...just my personal experience
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  nexus - 10/31/06 23:51
  ure right dolly, most important is IM so do it first, personally i liked the OB/GYN & peds, surgery the guy pretty much reads out of the book (but like dolly said it'll stick to ure head), focus on trauma cause that's the most heavily tested subject in surgery and psych isn't that big of a deal..u can just read the book although ide recommend doing it with a study buddy...ESP also makes it alittle easier if u relate each disorder to some keywords and a person (movie star or someone u know), so i'de recommend IM first, psych & surgery last, OB/GYN & peds...personal prefrence.

about the Qs...dont bother with Qbook if ure gonna do Q bank, UW & Q bank are more than enough..with UW, TAKE's a mistake i made and my exam is on the 21st of this month so no time to do it...but i wish i had!!
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  mona - 11/01/06 02:14
i m done with psy, obs/gyn,epi, derma DVDs. i m not planning to go for peds & as time was short for me i decided to do only cardio from medicine . as both of u guys saying that medicine is worth to do from DVD. so plz. tell me which section is worth doing from DVD (btw i will b starting my 3rd reading from kap soon)
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  nexus - 11/01/06 05:30
  pick your weakest topics and the most confusing ones....everyone has's just different from one person to another....i'de also advise that instead of doing a 3rd reading (u mentioned time was short) start'll be ALOT more helpful than a 3rd i said in my previous post...TAKE NOTES...if u have the time do UW'll cement everything and it covers all the concepts neccesary for USMLE....also Q bank is very useful...use it for timed mode...if u look through previous posts on the forum ul find links for both...and if u ure e mail and im sure "someone" can help u.

Good luck
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  cristina - 11/01/06 13:14
  UW is only questions rught? is like a q bank, isn't?  
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  archie11 - 11/02/06 05:29
  do medicine cardio,endo,renal ,haemat....first



4.surg/paedslast.....same as notes

with the test

go to uw next as you have to take notes and read test simultaneously acc to topic currently doing in uw

last uw notes and read kaplan again so get a complete info...if possible kqnak..optional.

this is what i
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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  mona - 11/02/06 05:38
  thanks for the guidance

archie 11 wat is "test "


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* Re:Kaplan DVD videos...
  mona - 11/02/06 06:07
  one more thing i have 2001/2002 DVDs. is it worth doing form it . r newer version out there
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