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* To draagny..........
  vl2ss - 11/03/06 10:59
  Hey draagny, congratulations girl for finishing off this monster exam!! Good to see you back. U said that U scored 370 in NBME 1. Can you please tell me how many days b4 the exam that was?? I'm actually palnning to take NBME 1 next week. And I've my exam the week after. I'm really scared to death to even attempt NBME thinking that if I get a low score that'll depress me like anything. So how many days b4 the exam did U attempt NBME and did U get a chance to improve your weaknesses after that?? Thanx a lot dear.  
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* Re:To draagny..........
  draagny - 11/03/06 11:23
  Hi vl2ss
I took the format 2, 3 weeks before the test. But you know what I've been reading your answers and I think you are going to be more then fine doing the NBME, if you can take it 2 weeks before the test do it. Besides alwasy remember that this is just close to what you would get on the real test so even that you don't do good you still have 2 long weeks to work on those areas you think you are week on.
Keep it up with the hard studying and you would ace it. I'm sure....
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* Re:To draagny..........
  vl2ss - 11/03/06 11:46
  Thanx a lot dear for your positive words. GL for your remaining steps.  
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