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* Marie99/adrenaline/shawn/cd45/nishi...n others..
  nautilus - 11/03/06 23:23
  Hey friends can u please help me.
I am getting very tensed up with my exam coming up in 10 days.I still have to finish UW
But I need to study a lot too...But I feel i should really complete UW...even explanations are taking so long for me.
Also should do NBME2,4
Have to discuss NBME-3...looking for study partener for these Q discussion...n couldnt see any one...any one of u interested to do those Q's..please help me out.
I really need some kind heart to help me get through this.
any advices in last days appreciated...especially regarding should go ahead and finish Q's r should study and do how many I can every 50/d..even if i dont finish
other thing is which form NBME-2 or 4 should I keep to the laqst as an assessment.
Thank u sooo much...lots of Q's...just kind of freaking out.
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* Re:Marie99/adrenaline/shawn/cd45/nishi...n others.
  marie99 - 11/03/06 23:41
  Hey Dr.N good to see you but not like this. Calm down.
did u do kaplan Q bank?? more important than UW , that is the general opinion.
how many more days for your exam?
Sure we will discuss, u keep posting them & inputs will keep coming.
I don't know which form is better.
Recent exam takers NIshi & malvika suggest FA FA FA during the last few days.
take care, best wishes.
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* Re:Marie99/adrenaline/shawn/cd45/nishi...n others.
  cd45 - 11/03/06 23:48
  same here even i am freaking out.. hmm do all the forms in a day as u do have much time.. that i would suggest and now just do goljan 36/100 pages FA .. u could post NBME qs which u dont understand and someone will surely answer them....goodluck and i am sure youl ldo very well..
ps: stop doing qs 3-4 days before the test even if u havent finished uw and then just conc on theory...
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* Re:Marie99/adrenaline/shawn/cd45/nishi...n others.
  cokemd - 11/04/06 00:06
  Dear nautilus:

please do 1/2 day FA, and 1/2 day Q (any Q is good), and make sure you go over your final notes within the 10 days, visit the forum when you are taking your break from study or Q.
DO NOT touch any new materials...............

10 days is not a long time, but you can do it.
take 30 min think about what you are going to do for the next 10 days, and 30 min for break, and start your new plan today.

hope this help.
have fun study, and GL
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* Re:Marie99/adrenaline/shawn/cd45/nishi...n others.
  shawn3387 - 11/04/06 01:41
  Hi nautilus,
You are very lucky having only 10 days in your exam. think about the freedom and fun you ll be having after your test. UW is not for assessment as everybody says, its for gaining more knowledge. Marie, cd45 and coke are the best. they advised you right. take FA and preferably do usmlerx with that. FA covers more than 70% of the test. I cant advise you to do UW at this peak. Q bank is good. Good luck nautilus. i m waiting to hear you passed!!!!
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* Re:Marie99/adrenaline/shawn/cd45/nishi...n others.
  nautilus - 11/04/06 03:42
  Thank you...
I did Kaplan Q bank long back...but couldnt finish it completely though.
And yes i feel i cant do UW now.
But i just want to do atleast few every explanations look like revising.
Hmmm...FA...yeah...I will.
Yes my exam 16th...
After that I have many happy things happening...which i want to really enjoy happily...especially going to meet my 1 Y/o after an year...wk after the exam!!!
Thats the only motivation I have right now...and thats the only deviation too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But just praying god to give me strength to do right things in last days of prep...and give me good concentration thro the 8hrs...and give a good recall...and rest not in my hands!
thanks friends
I am actuall ythinking to do UW 7 blocks trying to simulate 8 hr test. so that i can learn atleast those 350 q's..any advice..r feed back appreciated.

Thanks all of u...
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* Re:Marie99/adrenaline/shawn/cd45/nishi...n others.
  nautilus - 11/04/06 03:43
  hey all...I would like to discuss all the 200Q's on phone.any one interested plz let me know...I dont think i can post the q' i have many doubts!!!!  
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