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* anatomy Q,
  pulvinar - 11/18/06 10:11
  if the musculocutaneous nerve is severed, all of the following types of axons could be damaged except,
A postganglionic sympathtic axons,
B. somatic afferen t axons
C. preganglionic sympathetic axons,
D. somatic efferent axons
E. viseral affernt axons
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* Re:anatomy Q,
  csf - 11/18/06 10:23
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* Re:anatomy Q,
  sazm - 11/18/06 10:26
  i guess--- C
well not sure
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* Re:anatomy Q,
  pulvinar - 11/18/06 10:56
  Yes, Correct Ans. is C.
Please explain. somatic afferent axons should not in the nerve. afferent fibers should contain dendrites?
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* Re:anatomy Q,
  medupch - 11/18/06 13:00
  preganglionic derive from CNS, and synapse in ganglia ( PNS) which carries fibers on nerves.
hope that helps.
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* Re:anatomy Q,
  likehe - 11/19/06 00:50
  1. All somatic nerves are one-neuron nerves. cell body at spinal cord and axons are the nerves branches, such as musculocutaneous n.
2. sympatheic nerves travel with somatic nerves to supply the skin (sweat, blood vessel constriction), which means the somatic nerve contains sympathic fibers.
3. sympathetic nerves have 2 neurons, 1st neuron cell body at spinal cord, axon synapes at preveribral ganglion via white communican. 2nd neuron cell body at prevertibral gang send axon out via grey communican, through there travel with somatic nerve.
4. therefore, the sympathetic portion of the musculocutaneous n. has to be postganglionic.

Hope I explained myself.
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* Re:anatomy Q,
  leschnyhan - 11/19/06 01:02
  hey likehe,
Good job.
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