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* my exam is in a week, please help
  moya - 11/18/06 19:00
  hi guys:
i don't know what to do , i'm very nervous, i cant sleep more than 4 hrs at night, what should i do? can u please suggest something to help me sleep.
can somebody explain the day of the exam for me & how it works? cuz i'm not familiar with it.
should i skip the tetorial in the exam or not, does that save me time? please help me
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  inspireaku - 11/18/06 19:23
  hi moya
dont worry, just focus on ur studies, by geting stresed out u ll make things worse, just relax, PRAY, and try to make the most of ur time.try to sleep well before night of exam, bc if u r tired, ur mind will not work healthy food like ffruits, multivitamins milk etc.
ON exam u hav 45 minute break, u can split it after every block , but in first few blocks u wont be very tired, so maybe take break after 2-3 blocks.depend on break eat wat u like, maybe chips, biscuit, sandwich, juice, water tea, cofee, coke.if u skip tutorial u ll get 15 min extra, so total 1 hour usmle cd and do tutorial from it, then go over tutorial in exam very rapidly.

Just dont worry, god loves u, PRAY hard, focus, dont stress out. say to urself"I CANN DO IT, I CAN DO IT"u hav gone thru medd school, why not this exam, dont let ur efforts go waste by behaving like this, make the most of ur time, try breathing relaxing execises.try, it ll help u relax.
do 1st aid, its a good review for end.
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  inspireaku - 11/18/06 19:26
  yes, and wen u get to centre, say to urself "i hav put in my best effort, i will answer questions to the best of my abilty, god will help me"
GL moya
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  inspireaku - 11/18/06 19:33
  and in exam, keep track of ur time,  
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  moya - 11/18/06 19:58
  thank u inspireaku so much & gl in ur exam
can u suggest something to help me sleep please
i'm very tired but i can't sleep
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  progesterone - 11/18/06 20:07
  1. You need to drink WARM MILK before you go to sleep:
Milk has tryptophan and melatonin. Our body makes serotonin from the amino acid tryptophan. Serotonin is an important initiator of sleep. Taking tryptophan will raise serotonin levels and promote sleep. Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone produced by the brain’s pineal gland and also contained in a sweet glass of milk. (see the Qs of CD 45)
2. A relaxing bath adding about 8 drops of your favourite essential oils. Lavender oil is well known for is sleep inducing qualities and rose oil has a lovely sweet relaxing fragrance. Geranium is another comforting fragrance. Ear relaxing music.
3. Relaaaaaaaxxxxxxx!! Practice Relaxation techniques (
4. Positive Visualization: On the night before your exam (right before you go to sleep works well), find a quiet place to relax. Close your eyes. Pull your eyes to the top part of your head, roll up and back, then take two slow, deep breaths. Do this a couple more times to get you more relaxed. Now, visualize yourself in the classroom taking the test. See yourself receiving the test, then calmly, confidently taking the exam. You see many of the questions you had formulated while you pretended you were the professor. You are organized and alert. You are enjoying taking the test because you want to demonstrate just how much you know about the material. Create this movie in your head. You are in command and in control. Repeat the positive visualization again in the morning, right before you get out of bed.
5. Pray always!!! Faith will move mountains!
6. Some people take Alprazolam (xanax) 0.25 mg to avoid panic attack, several nights before the exam
7. Be self confident and only positive thoughts
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  moya - 11/18/06 20:19
  thank u progestrone, may god bless u & give u what u want
thanks, can u explain for me the day of the exam, should i sign in every time i take a break & where should i sign in , is it a paper or what? when i should take the break
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  inspireaku - 11/18/06 21:12
wen u go out of exam, u hav to log out of commpter, but make sure ur block has completed bc u cant come back to a block once u exit,.in exam they giv u 3 blank white board sheets and marker on which u can rub and rewrite, on it u write ur specific number and not erase it till end of ur exam. u hav to type that number on computer wen u sign in again in test after every break.
yes shes right, drink warm milk,, and warm bath.Wen going to sleep dont try to think about studies and exam, visualize something beautiful like a beautiful park, some beautiful childhood memory, a beautiful river, lush green grass, snow covered mountains.try to visualize how happy u ll be wen u are done with ur exam and hav an excellent score in ur hands, imagine that feeling of joy, the feelin wen u are telling ur parents and the ppl u love wat a great score u got!!!!!hope this day comes for u and all on this forum.

wen going to bed try not to think about wat u studied or the questions u solved or all the stuff u dont know,it doesnt help, at bed time, only sleep helps,and sleep also helps to consolidate memeory and transfer it to long term memory.These are the thougghts that come to ur mind wen u studied all day like crazy.but try not to think about exam stuff wen in bed.
dont take very heavy meal right b4 u go to sleep, bc u ll get GERD if u go to bed right after ur meal.
talk to someone u love , and avoid ppl who streess u out or make u upset.just try to ignore all unpleasant thoughts.
At times think about all the stuff u plan to do wen u r done with ur exam, all the stuff u missed while studying, but dont waste too much time on this.see very nice
hope it helps.
May god help u
remember, u will not help urself by stresing urself out, a little bit of stress is good , but too much is bad.try conciously to remove all stressful thoughts.
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  inspireaku - 11/18/06 21:14
  a little bit of exercise will also help, maybe walking in the morning for 1/2 hour, in the sun, then taking a shower, this really helps.
also drink lots of water, which is relaxing.
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  moya - 11/18/06 21:33
  thank u so much guys , u r really helpful
inspireaku, u mean i should sign in & of in my own computer or other one, should i sign up after every block or just if i want to take a break
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* Re:my exam is in a week, please help
  doctorsaheb - 11/19/06 09:37
  be confident . pray to ALMIGHTY GOD . dont get panicked in the test  
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