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* usmlerx
  ahmadkk - 11/18/06 22:48
  is anyone knows how many questions in this subscribtion?
is it worth to subscribe?
anyone who try it please
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* Re:usmlerx
  theprince - 11/18/06 23:19
  2038 Questions, most of them are similar to the actual Board exam(Step 1). You may add +10 to your final score which may also predict your score on the board.
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* Re:usmlerx
  harrypotter - 11/19/06 00:02
  usmlerx is a bit easier than kaplan qbank
usmleworld is the toughest
i do not know whether it is predictive
nbme form 3 is the best predictive of your actual score in the exam
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* Re:usmlerx
  ahmadkk - 11/19/06 08:59
i am doing UW right now and my overall score till this moment is 71,i finished about 1200 questions,i am confused between subscribe kaplan or usmlerx
i still have another 70 day
any input?
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* Re:usmlerx
  cd45 - 11/19/06 09:11
  i think all qbanks are good in their own way and well u really cant compare one with another.. they all have there positive and negative points... so if u have time do all 3 or choose and do at least 2.. obviously as kap q bank is tried and tested that shd be no.1 on the list.
and about adding 10 to any q bank... hmm i would actually frankly stop doing that .. i feel usmle scores are very unpredictable, it all depends on the test u get and your presence of mind when u r giving then test.
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