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* anatomy q
  moya - 11/25/06 14:19
  what is the difference between penile, prostatic & membraneous urethral injuries  
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* Re:anatomy q
  sazm - 11/26/06 10:22
  the male urethra has been divided into anterior and posterior parts, which are demarcated at the urogenital diaphragm. The proximal posterior urethra begins at the interface with the bladder, the internal urethral orifice, and the prostatic urethra. The prostatic urethra is entirely contained within the prostate and is continuous with the membranous urethra at the prostatic apex inferiorly. A principal support structure, the puboprostatic ligament, firmly attaches the prostate to the anterior pubic arch. This anatomy is important for locking the posterior urethra and prostate into their relative positions within the extraperitoneal pelvis.

The membranous urethra is located within the anterior tip of the urogenital diaphragm and becomes the proximal portion of the anterior urethra after passing through the perineal membrane. The principal mechanism of continence, the external urethral sphincter, is located within the urogenital diaphragm around the membranous urethra. The Cowper glands are also located within the urogenital diaphragm adjacent to the urethra.

The bulbous urethra, a swelling in the proximal anterior section, travels within the proximal corpus spongiosum and is continuous with the penile urethra. The ducts to the Cowper glands drain into the bulbous urethra. The penile or pendulous urethra extends the length of the penis where it ends as the fossa navicularis and urethral meatus.

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* Re:anatomy q
  moya - 11/26/06 10:28
  thank u sazm  
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