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* please read and give me your opinion
  sicomico - 11/25/06 20:22
  i am an old grad i took step 1 for the first time i have got 65% i did not study much neither i did questions too much then i had some family problems and tok the test once again preparing just for a couple a days ( i know it is stupid ) but i got 71% the next time i did just about 1500 questions ..what do think guys doing just questions is a good strategy to pas it does this improvment in the score is related to something that i cannot understand i am planning to study for a month or more end do the nbme and then take it ..i appreciate any opinions guya thank you...  
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* Re:please read and give me your opinion
  goldfish - 11/25/06 22:57
  Hello Sicomico..........a dear friend told me "if you pass step 1 the first time are lucky".. so don't be hard on yourself.
Yes it is a lot of hardwok.........BUt you have determination & courage to take the exam a second time & now you want to make it right the third time..........That requires an APPLAUSE........... Yes you are strong willed, that is the first step.

Doing a lot of questions will help you indeed..........but do them so you will understand the concepts.
I don't understand, are you going to study only for a month & then take the exam. please give more input so that we all can share our thoughts. Best wishes.

Also please take time to read this post.
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* Re:please read and give me your opinion
  sicomico - 11/26/06 10:22
  thank you goldfish for your reply..i am going to do so...try my best and we will weak points were anatomy bevahioral science and nervous system....( the thing i did not review at all these subjects even biochemestry... my performance was very low on them i think zero not a single * so i am going to start with these subjects...
thank you once again
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* Re:please read and give me your opinion
  goldfish - 11/26/06 11:50
  Sico, i am glad you are staying Positive.

please email me if you need anything. i will try my best to help you out. thanks & Best wishes.
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