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* guys ,i passed
  shaziachoudry - 12/23/06 01:25
  thank God ,i passed,it feels so great, got 82/201 not that charming but i am happy that it is over,thanks for all ur support guys ,all of u guys were awesome supportive and all of u would be always in my prayers,and if i can help anybody with anything ,i would be always there
my e mail is
good luck to you and hopefully see in in ste2 forum soon
once again thank you very much for everything
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  kashmala - 12/23/06 01:30
wow great score....i wud b more than happy as long as i pass this exam no matter wat
enjoy n G.L in step 2
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  shaziachoudry - 12/23/06 01:34
  thanks kashmala,i am happy with 2 kids after 6 years gap i can't complaint at all.i am thankful to my Allah.  
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  sanie - 12/23/06 02:09
  Hey shaz.. congrat for your nice score; it is great for 2 kids and 6 yrs postgrad. I know how it is soooooooooo hard to study while having some speaking cats around you... I can tell!!!  
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  shaziachoudry - 12/23/06 02:13
  thanks sanie,but how did u know my nick name?  
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  sanie - 12/23/06 02:16
  I just wrote the first 4 letters from your long name, I have no time to write all the name; my exam is on 28th, just call Allah for me and remember me in your prayers.
Congrat again.
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  iced - 12/23/06 02:23
  congrats shazia....!  
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  shaziachoudry - 12/23/06 02:32
  thanks iced and sanie inshaAllah u are gonna do awesome
good luck to you guys
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* Re:guys ,i passed
  myusmle - 12/23/06 09:25
  congrats shazia  
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