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* q bank scores
  drsunila - 12/23/06 03:59
  hey guys doing kaplan q bank now.exam in me has it become tough or m i dumb.i m getting consistently low scores in 50's.on 7th block now.what 2 expires on 11th jan..............  
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* Re:q bank scores
  drsunila - 12/23/06 08:51
  hey guys answer fast.need 2 decide strategy........................  
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* Re:q bank scores
  docgreg - 12/23/06 10:09
  Hey mate I may be one opinion but I did my exam on the 21st
I also did 45% of Qbank Questions and Scored around 59%
On the real Exam the Questions are more difficult and more tricky than the Qbank
but please ask for more opinions...
I don't mean to stress you..but I think you should prepare for a real tough one
Many people say that USMLE WOrld Questions are harder then the Qbank and I think it would be a good idea maybe to do that as well...
If i won't pass my exam that I took 2 days ago I will defintily go for the UW as well...
Good luck mate..I hope this help
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* Re:q bank scores
  asc - 12/23/06 10:26
  I think you need to improve your weak areas as Qbank is way easy and UW is harder than the exam but a very good learning tool. It helped me alot for step2Ck & CS. If you are still confused do NBME and that would tell you if you are ready or not....  
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