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* can someone post hardyweinbergs for me
  calmer - 12/23/06 04:03
  i just dont get this....please post  
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* Re:can someone post hardyweinbergs for me
  iced - 12/23/06 06:25
  In a certain population, the frequency of color-blind males is 1 in 100. Assuming that the
population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium at this locus, the frequency of color-blind females
is approximately

A. 0.0001

B. 0.0005

C. 0.01

D. 0.02

The correct answer is A. Color blindness is an X-linked recessive trait. A male is hemizygous
for the X chromosome, and thus has only one copy of each trait. The frequency of an X-linked
recessive in males is thus equal to the frequency of the allele in the population. From this, we
know that q = 0.01 and p = 0.99. A female has two copies of each gene on the X chromosome, so
the equation for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is the same as for the autosomal traits. In this
case, a homozygous recessive female would occur at a frequency of q2 or 0.0001.

Choice B, 0.0005, is incorrect. If you remembered that color blindness was more frequent in
males, but did not know how to use the equations to get the true estimate, you might have
guessed this answer.

Choice C, 0.01, makes the assumption that the trait is autosomal, and so the frequencies of
affected males and affected females are equal.

Choice D, 0.02, assumes that q = 0.01, and then calculates the frequency of carrier females

Choice E, 0.025 is also incorrect; it is a distracter.

E. 0.025

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* Re:can someone post hardyweinbergs for me
  calmer - 12/23/06 11:50
  thank u still tried still couldnt get it,  
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