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* behavioral concept
  addictmed - 12/23/06 16:54
  what is the difference between illusion, delusion and hallucination?  
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* Re:behavioral concept
  sanie - 12/23/06 18:03
  Delusion, issues not accepted by the culture but the patient is strongly believe in it and fight for it.
Illusion= visual delusion in the presence of a real stimulus e.g. interpret a rope as a snake.
Hallucination = visual delusion in the absence of a stimulus. See a dog in the room and in fact there is nothing.
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* Re:behavioral concept
  addictmed - 12/23/06 19:12
  thanks sanie, if my understanding is correct, illusion and hallucination must have delusion, right?

so are these symptoms specific to any diseases? I mean a disease only have illusion, but not hallucination, or vice versa, or usually illusion and hallucination coexist in patient?
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* Re:behavioral concept
  sanie - 12/23/06 19:40
  They are not specific. I mean illusion might occur in exhausted persons, drug addiction. Hallucination might be due to organic or psychic as in Narcolepsy, cocaine addict, schizophrenia........ or brain tumours. Both are considered as delusion.  
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