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* dural venous sinus
  kabiraj - 12/23/06 18:14
  A 41 year old man sustains an insect bite on his upper eyelid. The attending doctor is aware of the danger of spread of the infection to dural venous sinuses of the brain via emissary veins and so decided to promptly treat the condition.. At which of the following sites the dural venous sinus with which the superior ophthalmic vein directly communicate is located

A. The base of the falx cerebelli in the posterior cranial fossa
B. Lateral to the pituitary gland
C. Anterior continuation of the transverse sinus in the middle cranial fossa
D. Apex of the petrous portion of the temporal bone
E. At the intersection of the falx cerebri and falx cerebelli at the posterior cranial fossa
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  grace98 - 12/23/06 18:20
  B. Lateral to the pituitary gland
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  azamine - 12/23/06 18:24
  i thinck lateral to the pituitary gland is cavernous sinuse not dural venous sinuses
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  kabiraj - 12/23/06 18:36
  B is correct! cavernous sinus is indeed a dural venous sinus!
can anyone tell what is special about the emissary veins?
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  azamine - 12/23/06 18:41
  each sinus receive blood from some of cerebral veins, ophthalmic veins and spheno-parietal sinus page 286 in anatomy kaplan book
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  grace98 - 12/23/06 18:49
  Kabiraj, thanks for the question.

Emissary veins transmit infection at the speed of that the special thing about them??. enlighten us.

all i know is,Emissary veins establish communication between the sinuses inside the skull and the veins external to it.

Azamine, Cavernous sinus is a dural venous sinus. i don't understand how you got confused.

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* Re:dural venous sinus
  azamine - 12/23/06 18:54
  u know what my studies were in french and sometimes I'm confusing  
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* for grace
  azamine - 12/23/06 18:57
  do u have some qbank for me
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  grace98 - 12/23/06 19:01
  Azamine, email me
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  kabiraj - 12/23/06 19:02
  thanx grace98, u r right...
actually was asking about an anatomic speciality of the vein, which this particular type of vein is devoid of! rings a bell?
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* Re:dural venous sinus
  calmer - 12/23/06 20:20
  tell us what isit kabiraj  
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