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* 30-year-old
  malak - 11/01/06 08:31
  30-year-old otherwise healthy woman presents to her physician with complaints of fatigue and dyspnea. Physical examination reveals normal breath sounds and the presence of third and fourth heart sounds. Chest x-ray shows clear lung fields but right ventricular enlargement, main pulmonary artery enlargement, and "pruning" of the peripheral vasculature. Electrocardiogram shows right axis deviation and right ventricular hypertrophy. Left ventricular function appears normal on echocardiography. Serologic studies show antinuclear antibodies. Which of the following pathological findings would this patient also show, either at autopsy or if an appropriate biopsy was taken?

A. Mural thrombus of the right atrium

B. Necrosis and scarring of the left ventricle

C. Plexogenic pulmonary vasculopathy

D. Pulmonary artery stenosis

E. Severe pulmonary fibrosis

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* Re:30-year-old
  nexus - 11/01/06 08:36
  C. Plexogenic pulmonary vasculopathy  
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* Re:30-year-old
  archie11 - 11/01/06 09:06
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* Re:30-year-old
  precious - 11/01/06 16:27
  Please,whats the diagnosis?  
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* Re:30-year-old
  xwxf - 11/01/06 16:54
  C. Plexogenic pulmonary vasculopathy
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* Re:30-year-old
  dolly123 - 11/01/06 17:03
  pruning is seen in pulmonary artery is it b?
pul htn is seen with LV necrossi and scarring, mtral valve disease, and pul venous ds

not sure if d fits in..but b is a safer bet

answer b
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* Re:30-year-old
  airmax - 11/01/06 17:17
  i m confused b/w c and e

don hav much info on c but go with it as if the pt had pulmonary fibrosis then it would be visible on CXR... as for b dolly if thr was scarring and necrosis of the lft vent the ejection fraction would be affected.. affecting the functioning of the lft ventricle which is normal as givn by the echo

as for the pulmonary artery stenosis its a congenital defect nd shld hav been picked up long time ago...

whts the answer malak??
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* looking for a study partner in NY
  miki - 11/01/06 18:42
  Hi ! I'm planning to take my exam in dec & looking for a serious fren to review the material .Anyone interested pls do write me .  
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* Re:30-year-old
  miki - 11/01/06 18:44
  sorry I'm suppose to write in new message ....I'm new in the forum .  
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* Re:30-year-old
  malak - 11/02/06 05:38
  C. Plexogenic pulmonary vasculopathy ---Dx pulmonary HTN

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