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* Anyone please!!!!!!!
  wonder - 11/03/06 14:50
  1. where is the demarcation between URT to Lower resp. tract?

2. do u give anticoagulants in acute(less than 2 days) stable A.fib???

3. In meningitis, what do u do first??
Antibiotics or LP????

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* Re:Anyone please!!!!!!!
  amith - 11/03/06 15:32
  *no anticoagulants before 48 hr in AF
only for AF >48hrs
* In meningitis we first giive antibio----->take CT to check for any signs of ICT---->only after ruling out--->we do LP

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* Re:Anyone please!!!!!!!
  ben - 11/03/06 16:49
  URT--Ends at larynx
LRT--Star w/ Trachae and down
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* Re:Anyone please!!!!!!!
  mainu - 11/03/06 19:42
  Best initial step: antibiotics(dose of ceftriaxone or cefotaxime add ampi if immunocmpromise have doubt of listeria.vancomycin if meningitis after neurosurgery or suspected pnumococcal resistance) to save 8th nerve damage and visioin(most common in meningitis)
second:CT TO EXCLUDE SOL can increse icp if patient have papiloedema

Best initial test:CT
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* Re:Anyone please!!!!!!!
  wonder - 11/03/06 21:15
  thank you guys, sorry for delay.

In meningitis- ok emp. antibiotic, but first we do LP right as per fischer-to know whther bacterial, fungal, viral and so forth.

we do CT,if the Lp is delayed or any SOL or papilloedema, or anyother Contraindication for LP.

in encephalitis, LP for xanthochromasia and then most accurate is PCR for Herpes.

is everything correct frnds????
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* Re:Anyone please!!!!!!!
  wonder - 11/03/06 23:58
  Hi Ben-

is it CARINA-the demarcation for URT and LRT.
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