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* djyoti's post on neuro /psych dx
  dolly123 - 11/03/06 23:32
  headache with rhinorrea with eye injection

bandlike pain without lacrimation

pain in left side with blindness temporal tenderness

esr is very high in these headache

syncope while cutting beard

tia ;;; what inv you do 1st

when you do not give thrombolytics in stroke

acoustic neuroma 2 aw

skin lesion in neurofibro 1

which neuro is bilater

transient blindness numbness weakness limb incontinense nystagmus

ct without contrast is choice in

albuminocytological dissoation

oligoclonal band

personality change speech affected pick bodies

myoclonus rapidly progressive fatal

steroid is for what benefit inwhat type of mm

interferon l and b for which type of mm

riluzole for what

upper and lower motor progressive paralysis

asecending demylinatig respitoruy involvement steroid is not a treament

60 yr parkinson on levo now uncontrollable facial move whats that

postictal confusion is present in

todds paralysis is present in

loss of conciousness is absent in which scizure

incontinence is present in which scizure

3 hz wave in what

myoclonic scizure

caudate lobe in

substantianiagra in

excess dopamine is relatedto

sleep is related to which mediator

when does dream come

which stage of sleep terror comes

whiat happens in sleep pattern of depressed pt

drufg of choice for petitmal

atonic seizure


deja vu experience in which

3 mt febrile seizure is called

emg change in guillain barre

brudginkis sign

pt wakes from headache at night progressive and no past hx what u ryule out

45 gradual limbweakness difficulty climbing

no bulbur oclar sphincter problem no muscle atrophy

eye weakness swalloing problem cxry tumor in superior medistinum

muscle weakness osteoarthopathy smoker wher is the effect in nrurojunction

india ink positive in csf meningitis without meningismus what is rx

picture of strptoccal meningitis

commonest neonatal bacteril meningitis

fever in children you will avoid or do lp

hx of
dental abscess has low grade fever

you suspect herpes what you do

blood in atraumatic csf means sa hemorrage true or false

xanthochronia means jaundice tru o false

70 yr with hx of htn with hx of previous stroke where is the lesion

80 yr old with memory loss progressive slow brought to you by daughrtre work up for dementia is negative

an elderly with micrographia

csf finding of aseptic mengitis

of fungal

what is increased in pseudotumor cerebri

dif bw delirium and dementia is what time or severity

vege with memory loss

pain abdomen gout headache with memory loss 70 yr old

intermittent pain abdomen with diarrea fistulain ano with memory loss

eye sign and confabulation gait problem what vitmin

memory loss due to depression

slow dtr slow memory

vomiting gait problem incontinence and memory loss

18 yr with dementia and eye changes livr fn test dreranged

40 yr emotional outburst dancing move chorea tremor

after four month of haloperidol ther are tics

tremor start durring rest and improves with movement

guillain barre is related to which infection

rt sided motor and propriception is lost but left thigh temp and pain sensation is gon

paraplregia in aortic dissection which artery

there are hemangiom in rt face and ther is a seizure

tumour in ventricle and seizure

gowers sign in

gottrons papule in shawl sign in

person has lower half of face only paralysed wheris the leison
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* Re:djyoti's post on neuro /psych dx
  masterdoc - 11/04/06 00:23
  please post the answers  
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