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* Anyone from bombay Please help
  gunthal - 11/07/06 13:47
  Hi guys I'm south indian recently moved to bombay.
I want to start usmle step 2 I want to know where can I get all the usmle related material or kaplan books,can't afford the course but I'm sure there are so many medical colleges people give usmle all the time where can i buy the exam related material like question bank and books to study .

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* Re:Anyone from bombay Please help
  letskrakit - 11/07/06 14:06
  hey gunthal, where in south r u from, tamil pesringla???
anyway, m from bombay, spent enuf time in chennai to b fluent in tamil, can talk telugu n malayalam as wel n understand a bit of kannada.
the best place in bombay to get any kaplan xeroxed stuff - OmSai xerox in Parel, v close to KEM hospital. if u want brand new stuff, go to mahavir or national buk depot, again in Parel.
call justdial at 28888888, n ask for any tel no u want
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* Re:Anyone from bombay Please help
  gunthal - 11/07/06 20:17
  Hi letskrakit,
I'm kannadiga.Thanks i'll try and look there is that the only place i live quite far ,doesn't matter i'll go to parel thanks.'Nimage kannada barutte keli khushi ayitu"
Matte sigona.
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