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* high yield
  kr - 11/08/06 10:18
  -1st step in management of aortic dissection with htn-antihypertensive therapy

-h/o seizures is an absolute CI for use of bupropion

-finastride acts on epithelial component of prostate but alfa blockers act on smooth muscle component of prostate.

-AWMI is associated with thromboembolic phenomenon

-abdominal circumference is the most effective parameter for estimation of foetal wt in case of suspected IUGR.

-lofgren's syndrome:acute form of sarcoidosis presents with b/l ankle arthritis,erythema nodosum,b/l hilar lymphadenopathy

-acid base distubace seen in cirrhosis-resp alkalosis.coz of increased progesterone causing hyperventilation

-gastric MALT lymphoma without mets..1st line of treatment-hpylori eradication..if it does not respont..CHOP regimen

-most specific test for sjogren's-lip biopsy it will show lymphoid foci in accessory salivary glands

-RTA 1 associated with renal calculi,RTA2 asso with osteomalacia,RTA4 asso with aldosterone deficiency.

-in carcinoid syndrome..niacin def is seen coz all the tryptophan are directed to serotonin

-pt. with giant cell arteritis at increased risk for thoracic aorta aneurysm..due 2 disruption of collagen n elastic due 2 chr.aortitis.

-a/c alcohol intake decrease risk of hepatic toxicity of acetaminophen overdose..whereas chr.alcolism increases the rosk of hepatotoxicity.

-patients recieving bllod transfusion before 1992 should b screened 4 hep c and those who recieved it b4 1986 should b screened 4 hep b

-fetal hydantion syndrome-increased risk of neuroblastoma

-hallmark of MS-elevated LT atrioventricular pr. gradient.

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* Re:high yield
  cjay - 11/08/06 13:39
  great, thanks  
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