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* done my test yesterday
  alejandroiamado - 11/24/06 12:22
  Yesterday was the day . Nine hours. Finally Im done. Very tired but nothing impossible. Its very important to control the time. Also, try to sleep well the day before. Dont read 24 to 48 hours before the test. All of these are advertisements all you gave me here, in this forum. Thanks everyone. There are a lot of readers of this forum like me, who are not witers, just readers, and in the same manner it has been very helpful.
UW its very important. Its not a test to prove how much you can answer coz UW its to learn, not to test. Questions are not that difficult. Are most like kaplan Q book and Q Bank, also like the USMLE CD they send us.
I feel a little insecure about a lot of things. I really dont now whats gonna happend. I hope i done my best.
Good luck every one and thanks for all........!!
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* Re:done my test yesterday
  kol - 11/24/06 13:38
  all the best for your score..thanx for sharing your experience..its nice to know questions r not that hard as usmleworld..  
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* Re:done my test yesterday
  masterdoc - 11/24/06 14:47
  good luck to ya .. where did u take the test?
................and if can remember post some important stuff that usaw on the test imsure many reader would appreciate it.. thanks
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