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* Let's do a full review here ,I'm having my
  4june - 11/06/06 18:27
  withen 2 days ,,,
so lets see .. who will be with me online ..even If I will not find any one I will write down any thing I will remember
Now , first case will be abdominal pain ..
Gereet , introduce your self , shake hand lightly by leaning on the pt ..then
I know that you r in pain , I'm sorry for that , but can you be with me for the next few minutes so that I can help you .
I need to ask you few question & give you a physical ..

then ask about
then about
wash the hands
do PE is lying in bed do the abdomen
then turn pat to right ..untoe gown , listen to chest from behind , then listen to chest from front ..then tie the gown ..

add that we should do rectal & pelvic examination ..take consent is imp .
after that
tell th ept about your DDX ,..& the IX needed .. Do not forget the Bhcg for every f with abd pain .
then councel ..if +
then ..shake hands .. thank & tell her that you r leaving the room .
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* Re:Let's do a full review here ,I'm having
  emy - 11/06/06 20:59
  1st:What is Bhcg?

2nd:why turn the pt to his right?????????,he can set up ,then listen to his back!!!!!!!!

3rd:NO RECTAL OR PELVIC EXAM ,so u only tell the pt in ur closure statment that he needs that,as part of the work up..

4th:in most of abd. cases u want to examin the eyes for pallor &jundice.

PLZ ,correct me if I'm wrong and let's continue this nice work
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* Re:Let's do a full review here ,I'm having
  4june - 11/06/06 22:12
  Pregnanacy test

I was thinking if the pt is acting in sever pain & will not be able to sit
of course I know that .. I just would mention it after the examination ..that you will need this test so that i donot forget it later
why not do examin eyes
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