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* csa results....
  chandu - 12/04/06 06:53
  hey guys....wat is that trick check csa results?plzzzz help me.......dec6!!!!its a nightmare.....  
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* Re:csa results....
  oxygen - 12/04/06 10:34
  after midnight, try to re-register to cs, if you pass, you are not allowed to register again. that's the trick.  
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* Re:csa results....
  oxygen - 12/04/06 10:34
  sorry, after midnight of dec.6  
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* Re:csa results....
  narnia - 12/04/06 14:09
  my exam 8 nov
did oasis(applied for csa IWA) it said.......
"Our records indicate that you are already registered for this Step or Step Component. You may not apply for a Step or Step Component if you are already registered for that Step or Step Component. If you fail or do not complete a Step or Step Component, you may submit another application for this exam, but certain time limits apply when retaking a Step or Step Component. For complete information, refer to Reexamination and Reapplication in the ECFMG Information Booklet and Retakes in the USMLE Bulletin of Information."
is this oasis trick.... pl ans friends i am waiting
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* Re:csa results....
  narnia - 12/04/06 14:14
  god help all do ans
best of luck
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* Re:csa results....
  drmkbaig - 12/04/06 14:29
  Hey Narnia !!

Don't be so tensed ok.As per what u said,U gave your exam on 8th November,Isn't it ?? Well u won't be getting your result no sooner than 31st Jan'2007 ok.Just check this page to see for reference ok.

well for guyz who gave their exam on or before 4th November,could expect their results by December 6th.I gave my CS on october 3rd.Mann,Itz very hard to wait for the results.I just hope I pass.I wish good luck for the others who r expecting result on 6th December.

Good Luck.

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* Re:csa results....
  narnia - 12/04/06 14:35
is oasiss trick only tried after score repoting date posted personal ecfmg page?
want to know wen it gets valid first time?
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* Re:csa results....
  drmkbaig - 12/04/06 14:36
  Hi Friends !!

My sincere request with all of the guyz who r expecting CS result on 6th december,to share your results and express your feelings.

Iam expecting on the same date.Keeping My fingers crossed.

G/L to all of u !!!

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* Re:csa results....
  drmkbaig - 12/04/06 14:38
  Hey Narnia !!!

Yes itz true.Just check on ur OASIS in ur score reporting page.It displays the date of ur exam and date of ur result posted.Thatz the time when u check ur IWA and see if u r passed or not ok.
I hope u got ur answer.


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* Re:csa results....
  narnia - 12/04/06 14:41
  tx mkb bol to u and all wating out there  
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* Re:csa results....
  klap43zx - 12/04/06 16:42
  I am so scared for my result! step1 & 2 ck were relatively easy but when i gave my CS in Los Angeles on nov1 i was so scared,i made lots of mistakes and since that day every second i think of december 6 my heart sinks.I have read somewhere that the pass results for CS are very low,is it true?My oasis account does not show my exam date yet,so i'll have to wait for oasis trick.
god help me.
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