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* cs result
  srf - 12/06/06 13:39
  cs result is out. you can know it by calling a program where you have applied. i passed the exam . g/l to all  
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* Re:cs result
  bowwowmiow - 12/06/06 13:41
  hey , it isnt updated in my oasis and the programs tell me that they dont tell the information like that when i called up,can u tell me how i should ask for the CS result to the program coordinator  
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* Re:cs result
  request99 - 12/06/06 13:43

in eras did ur transcript get about ecfmg status report..please advise
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* Re:cs result
  srf - 12/06/06 13:53
  my oasis is also not updated. but there is download from myeras to day. all program are not same. try untill you find a good program  
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* Re:cs result(results r not updated yet)
  drmkbaig - 12/06/06 14:01
  Hi Guyz !!!

Damn !!! Results are not updated yet.Iam waiting since midnight.Till 2pm EST it has not updated.I guess we need to wait until 12 midnight,i.e 7th December.I wish I pass.God plz help me and make my dream come true.I hope everyone in this group would pass with flying colors and wish u best of luck.Keeping fingers crossed.

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