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* To all who passed the exam
  usmle_step - 12/07/06 04:33
Please share your exam experience..what were the mistakes you did etc..
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  xwxf - 12/07/06 13:50
  winners, please share your experience. many thanks  
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  countdown - 12/07/06 15:32
i took my exam 20 days after my step 1..was planning to do full time preparation for 15 days,but did not stick with the schedule and managed hardly 4 days of study!!practiced 18 cases of firstaid with my spouse and went for the exam-i guess i was overconfident(i knew i had a sound knowledge on history taking &examination and had no issues with communication)...but on examination day i was struggling to manage my almost all the cases i was with the last few questions of personal history when the announcement of 5 min remaining was made!i always had to rush through the physical examination(spent only a minute or max 2!)-doing only the most relevant ones(often skipping/missing many important ones) as i wanted to close properly -to summarize,inform about the possibilities , lab tests and ask if the patient had any questions or concerns(i didn't want a high score in ICE and fail in CIS..i wanted a minimum pass in all the sections)..i felt miserable after coming out of the center and had little or no hope of passing!..but i count myself to be one among the luckiest coz i passed!!

my suggestions-
first aid is sufficient..and have a look at csprotocol.blogspot too
practice is the key as managing time is crucial-so practice practice practice
PAMHUGSFOSS and the routines like knocking,draping,hand washing etc-most essential!.will help u pass even if u have no clue about how to go with the case
try to give equal weight to all 3 components -ICE,CIS,SEP than trying to excel in 1 field
keep ur cool in exam and dont worry if u mess up a few cases-know that all who pass are not perfect
pray, and make all u know pray for u

good luck
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  apm - 12/07/06 16:00
  soon after i finished my test i felt pretty good but later on when i came back home i was so miserable because i started remembering all the mistakes that i made on the test. my 2 months waiting was horrible, couldn't concentrate in anything, constantly thinking about all the mistakes. my mistakes were -- in 2 cases my d/d was completely wrong, in one case i forgot to talk about his alcoholism, in 2 cases before i leave the room i forgot to shake hand, there was one psychiatry case which was my last case, i finished that case 7 mins earlier and i felt like i missed so many things in that case. but other than than that my pts encounter went well. i did good greeting , hand shaking , taking consent in each and every thing , washed hands, councelling in every cases, explaining d/d , explaining quick further mgmt plan, draping , and i explained everything ,whatever i was doing on pts and all nine yards. my pts note were good other than wrong d/ds in 2 cases. i had enough time to write pts note and history and examination, finished all the cases in time. so in my experience showing sympathy towards pts , explaining their concern with interest, taking consent , make them feel comfortable are important things to ace this exam.
if you guys have any concern about the test feel free to ask.GL.
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  usmle_step - 12/07/06 21:57
  Hi All:
I really appreciated for your exam experiences...
Please pray for me..
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  raj77 - 12/07/06 22:22
  fail in 1st attempt but now passed. I hve practice a lot in 1st attempt but fail in CIS. I was not able to finish in 1st attemp of nearly 3 cases. But after the result I only practice 8 cases in 6 days but I finish every cases in 12 minutes. So gys try to manage UR time dont forget to do simple things. You will get through.  
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