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* To all who passed the exam
  usmle_step - 12/07/06 04:33
Please share your exam experience..what were the mistakes you did etc..
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  alkindus - 12/07/06 04:34
  hi thanks alot

my exam experience ... i took the kaplan 5 days course .. and that was my only preperation for the exam i took it one week before the exam and had two days after the course to prep... great course ... but expensive !
exam in LA ... long way to go ... it was nice ... i did well in most cases ... except in a case of breaking bad news of STD where you have to tell the patient that is her partner is fooling around with some other ladies that is way she got it! she is married with single partner ...

was tensed all the time and thought i will fail coz i did not prep well ... but
god's grace i passed ...
all the best for every body
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  gowest - 12/07/06 05:19
  good thing u started this thread.....i was planning to anyway.

i read usmleworld cases alone. practised hx and counseling on phone with some1 who'd already done cs. practised P/E on family.

key was getting the hang of doing cases in timed mode. ie. ranting off Hx qs, PE maneuvers and counseling etc under 15 minutes (no matter wht u say, as long its medical!)
patient notes....didnt practice even once...regret it!
my mistake.....didnt stay relaxed and hurried out of each room before i cud finish.

free to answer any Qs...g'luck
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  aby - 12/07/06 05:35
  very easy exam if u think that way otherwise things might go wrong........dont care much about little things like how co-operative pts r or do we do renne ow weber test or not........just be yourself, feel confident, be yourself n need to smile if u usually dont........practice with someone for a week, both hx n exam. n see if you can finish in 15 min...if yes that dont bother to do things again n again..
i practiced usmleworld cases for 4 days with my wife n we both passed......wud have been surprised if i wudnt have......dont worry about mistakes that u make as long as u do rest of the things in a confident manner....i didnt wash my hand once for which i appologisd n thats it....beleive me 15 min is a long time as simulators r very straight forward in answering....if thay r not then your listening skills r tested.........
bottom line-- relax, dont hurry things, forget what will happen if u fail n be yourself

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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  usmle_step - 12/07/06 10:29
  Please guys share your experiences..
I also took my exam on 21st November..But now i am so scared about my exam because first case was neuro and i could not finish..Rest of them i finished on time,but my pts notes were not good at all..
One case was left shoulder pain after exercise but i did not tell the pt that it could be from angina..
guys who has passed the exam you did the same kind of mistake..
please share..
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  23cat - 12/07/06 10:36
  i used FA only! and practiced with my family. I think that's all you have to do. And you will think of mistakes after the exam and that is normal. I did that too. As long as you do the important things like washing hands, greeting the patient, ask the basic stuff, draping you know what I mean........ as long as you do that you will be fine. Good Luck!  
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  missmd - 12/07/06 11:16
  I took my exam on sept 14th in chicago and just checked that I passed....thanks to God. I just read FA 2 or 3 times, watched usmleworld PE vidoes and practiced all my FA cases once with a friend. I hardly studied for the exam for a week. during the exam, I wasn't able to finish PE in 3 cases. however, I knocked, introduced myself and greeted with every patients, washed hands, drapped, asked PAMHUGSFOSS, in each and every case (all 12 cases). In PN, I wrote atleast 3-5 DDx in all cases. Guys, from my experience..I think its a pretty easy exam cuz before getting the results..I was so scared that I was gonna fail cuz i only studied for a little bit and I forgot to ask some relevant questions and didnt do the perfect PE in each case...but alhumdulillah I passed. I can just say that try to the basic stuff like knocking, washing hands, almost all cases...dont be so hard on yourself for getting an accurate diagnosis..something close to it is still fine....and GL to all!!  
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  docrani - 12/07/06 11:43
  yes..i agree with missmd..i was hell scared after my CS...i had done a lot of mistakes...forgot 2 drape in one case,did nt extend the leg end of exam table,didnt complete neuro case...but i did basic like knocking,introducing,washing hands,comforting the patient,counselling notes were ok...3-4 diagnoasis...i did forget to ask some relevant history qns...but its exam u tend to forget some things...

i studied UW cases n FA ..prep time 10 days...practised with family n friends...practices pt note. but few.know the PN format....UW is very good....u shud not forget PAMHUGSFOSS...
practice practice practise...try to round up in 15 mins....
start with getting to know DDs of a chief complain n try to formulate hx qns....examine the most relevant system first....then quickly the rest....even if u dont manage to examine the other sys in exam dont worry.....
but remember RESPECT THE PATIENT...i mean knock,drape,comfort.....
and u will pass.....
good luck...
thank u all for the tips i got during my CS...
god bless
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  usmle_813 - 12/07/06 11:50
  My advise would be to practice the things you are going to say like smoking counseling, discussing diagnostic possibilities for every case, lines to say before asking personal qs. Also make a habit of saying 'thank you' and 'I am sorry' atleast 4-5 times in every case.  
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  aby - 12/07/06 12:01
  agree with your normal, as u wud say sorry if uve hurt anyone........dont need to rehearse all this......if u r from india, yes you need to learn sorry n thank you cause u forget that basic ive said, be normal self otherwise u might do more wrong than right...  
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* Re:To all who passed the exam
  clindamycin - 12/07/06 13:21
  yes i was REALLY scared before the result... didnt complete 2 cases... totally messed up one case... didnt read the INFO on the door completely... but did all the basic things... smiled... ( my jaw was hurting in the end )... tried to give all the sympethetic expressions on my face... asked whatever questions i cud rem... forgot a few... PT was ok ... 4/5 DDs in all cases... GPE in all patients... focused systemic examination... tried to counsil.. (except the 2 in which time was out)...

its just ACTING... act act and act... act to be a doctor... well.. if you really are a doctor things will automatically come out... but still... you have to act... and show how much you love the patients...

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