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* my experience
  bowowmiow - 12/07/06 16:32
  hi guys
this is just my experience for step 2 cs
I took this exam light and had lots of other things going on in my mind like visa and travleeing to USA and wasa preety excited about the First time USA trip , atlast i failed my 1 st attempt ,trust me i was overconfident with my english speaking ability and i thought i can pass it right away , and the second thing what made it worse was , my friends said it was a easy exam and just have to talk and 10 days of preparation is more than enough ,this is were god punished me or wanted me to learn a lesson ,I failed on 11 th october , i was shockeddd!!!!!!!!i couldnt believe oasis trick ,this was my first failure in life , i was so depressed and didnt know what to do , I applied again on 15 th of october and my application was accepted on 16 th and 17 th of october i got my permit to take my exam again (this was truely a miracle ,i called up ecfmg and requested them to process them my application cause i m in this match and i can lose if i dont take it ,,i dont know whether it worked or not but i got my permit on 17 th )and now getting a date for my CS , it was toughcause no dates were available till march 2007, i asked my parents to look for the dates and my dad and mom kept looking for it night and day without wasting a minute and got nov 3rd (this i got it on 21st of oct) as my CS date and nov 4 th was the deadline for it to get the results by december ,and next i had to get the date for visa cause i had only a single entry to USA and now i started seaching for dates and on 20 th luckily i got the date for visa interview for 23 rd and i had to prepare the documents and with a fail score sheet i didnt know what to ask the consuler and was wondering whether they will give the visa , luckily i got the visa,then i had to arrange for my travel plan and everything , had to fly from one place to another and started on 29 th of october and reached US on 31 st inbettween i had to travel within my country .cause i had to travel and meet my parents before i leave and to shop , then on nov 1st to nov 3 rd i had jetlag and couldnt study well , and did mistakes on the exam , had an uncooperative guy and he depressed my mood and next cases i wasnt happy on the exam hall and i was thinking that i m going to fail and till the result came yesterday i thought i would fail and had tears in my eyes all the time but surprisingly I PASSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD,
i THINK THE DIFERENCE FOR MY LAST PREPARATION TO THIS TIME WAS , I HAD A DEDICATED STUDY PARTNER ,OTHER THAN THE DAYS I HAD VISA INTERVIEW , APPLICATION PROCESS , AND OTHER THINGS I WAS STUDYING ,EVEN IN THE bus or in the plane and practised rigoursly with my friend till 29 th of october , i strongly advice you to study usmleworld and for reference FA and practise with a friend as much as u can , i read 4 times before i went into the exam and practised atleast 3 times with my friend ,eventhough did 15 mins timingly only once , we were just telling each other cases without timings for rest of the two times , we did have nice time like joking and ordering food from outside and it was fun too reading together cause if i was alone i would have gone to major depressive disorder .
I STRONGLY ADVICE YOU TO NOT TO TAKE THIS EXAM COOL ,BUT IT ISNT TOUGH AND DO DO DO DO DO DO GET A STUDY PARTNER , THATS JUST MY OPINION cause first time i prepared myself , but some would have done it without any study partner , I say that it was truely GODS GRACE AND NOTHING ELSE , HE WANTED ME TO LEARN A LESSON AND HE IS GREAT , now u learn a lesson from me , and remember god is allways with and keep praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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* Re:my experience
  bowowmiow - 12/07/06 16:38
  i m sorry guys , never knew i typed so much untill i clicked it , sorry for it being so long !and my advice for those who failed , i know how depressing it must be but still things r possible with gods grace ,keep praying and i m sure god will answer your prayers and do not lose ur hope , u will definetly do it , trust me , cause i have gone thro my worst part of life in this !  
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* Re:my experience
  bowowmiow - 12/07/06 16:41
  i thank god !my dad and mom and my maid and my friend and many guys in this forum for their support to pass this exam for the second time , what a relieffffffffffffffffffffffff  
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* Re:my experience
  ben - 12/07/06 16:48
  Completely agree w/ everything
This is How I did it. Test Center was LA and everyone was great and cooperative. Sometomes I even felt that some of my Pts were helping me timewise by breathing faster than normal while doing Lung Exams.

1. UW Cases
2. Kaplan CS book (to get a better idea about Hx writing)
3. Study Partner a must for feedback and time Mxment

You should start 1st by learning how to write Hx (short cuts), P/E which is veru nicely given in
Kaplan for each system and just memorize as it will also be same to write down
CVS -> No Visible Scars, (-) RRR, No Murmurs, normal S1/S2. .....
Chest -> No Visible deformities, Scars..., No excess Air or decr BS heard....
Its all in Kaplan CS book

Then start practising your Physical Exams. Go thru them over and over and also realize that Neuro Exam is difficult and you feel time is not enough, so here you need to be more focused. You don't need to go thru the whole thing but juts cover stuff regarding to particular complaint.

In Elderly Pts I always did a quick Chest Exam, somotimes Lung if it was necessayr and then examed main complaint points

Take a good Hx as 80% according to UW loose b/c of insufficinet Data gathering. So make sure to have neumonic at hand.
another advise I have is to take 1-2 min before entering the room as you read the case to write Name, age, main complaint & 1-3 DD so you know questions to ask in case you get stuck.

My Hx writing pretty for P/E was always same format. So once you get into a format it becomes easy to write and 10 min is plenty of time.

Think about DD.

All this is given in UW

After taking the Pts Hx (1st Part) alwasy quickly summarize what Pt just told you, ask them if there was anything else they felt was impt to know and then make a transition to the next step.

GL to All
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* Re:my experience
  ben - 12/07/06 16:49
  also I studied intensivley 6-8 hrs for 10 days. Personally i recommend 3 wks to be more than enough  
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* Re:my experience
  docrani - 12/07/06 16:52
  hey bow...u r a brave guy...good luck!!  
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* Re:my experience
  dtt01 - 12/07/06 17:01
good poster and good point. thank you very much for the good input
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* Re:my experience
  justbdbest - 12/07/06 17:55
  congrats nd gud luck.....  
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* Re:my experience
  bowowmiow - 12/07/06 19:38
  thanks justbdbest  
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