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* is this fail
  yuvraj1001 - 12/07/06 23:37
  i did the oasis trick and it lets me register again for the exam and for some other people its doing the same.

pl i sincerely ask people to post thier honest personnal opinion on this.

is this 100% reliable trick

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* Re:is this fail
  dtt01 - 12/07/06 23:44
  I am in your shoes. We failed, However if you like we can study together and try it again. Hopefully we can pass in the next shot.  
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* Re:is this fail
  hoci - 12/08/06 09:31
Make sure you see your cs score is reported on your oasis before you do the trick
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* Re:is this fail
  desidr - 12/08/06 10:13
This trick is very sensitive but not very specific. That is if you have cleared your exam then it wont let you register. But if it lets you register for CS again then its not sure that you haven't cleared it. So wait to get your CS results in hand. Between if you are really keen to know your CS result as soon as possible and if you know any PC where you've applied then you can ask him/her about your CS result. All the best...Dont lose hope..This is just a CS attempt. Try to take it as soon as possible.
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* Re:is this fail
  kingzkid - 12/08/06 10:48
  the oasis trick is fairly accurate at least 99% i would say, but take heart and just prepare for it again. I know thats scant comfort especially with the cost and all the effort for what is by all standards a simple exam. Was there once and all i can say is just take heart and keep fighting. When all this is over and you are tru with residency then you will appreciate your struggles... Good luck!
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* Re:is this fail
  goodluck123 - 12/08/06 10:52
  is it not true that the program will not take y if u have appempts  
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