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* dear ben
  mona - 12/08/06 04:48
r u done with cs.would u plz. recommend to study wat from which book. if i want to pick one , which one would b a a safer choice
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* Re:dear ben
  clindamycin - 12/08/06 05:32

if time then do First Aid
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* Re:dear ben
  ben - 12/08/06 11:37
  Hi Mona
My Recc are
- UW (go thru all cases)
-Kaplan CS Book as refernce (they have good way of writing & learning impt points if P/E
- Know Neumonics for Hx
- make yourelf your own format of neumonics inregards to waht question to ask that is pertinenet for each case. Use this same format every time.
- Get a study Partner for feedback and timing (tha's a must it will be the biggest help)

*When it comes time for the exam. While standing in fornt of door and reading the case Hx take 1-2 min to think about you DiffDx so that it will easy to refer to incase you run out of question or forget. Also alway rite down your Neumonics, Pt name & Complaint before entering room so you wont get stuck and it will go smoothly)
Also before starting Physical Exam make sure that you make a transition from one to another and at the end summarize quickly what the Pt told you then ask is there anything else I should know that you feel is impt.)

All this info is given in UW & Kaplan. GL
jUST REMMEBER THAT ONCE YOU HAVE MADE A FORMAT FOR YOURSELF IT WILL GO SMOOTLHY NO MATTER WAHT CASE YOU COME ACROSS. Also be ready b/c every Pt will ask you a question at the end of the interview. And Pls be humble and show compassion, but confident, very impt
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* Re:dear ben
  mona - 12/08/06 18:45
  thanks ben & clindamycin
how is FA . everybody here is recommending it
thnaks again
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* Re:dear ben
  xwxf - 12/08/06 19:34
thanks for sharing your experience about CEI part of the test. Could you also give us some suggestions on preparing CSI?
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