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* i did all what ur saying???????????
  hope07 - 12/08/06 09:14
  Hi good friends...ur truelly good friends through ur support and encouragement...thank you so much, i failed exam and the report i got says i got higher performance in everything but i falied in interpersonal communication skills??? i'd like to say i did all what u said u had done in exam,everything and i didnt messed up any case,but im still confused and so sad,its destroying feeling i have although i trying to re take exam now but i appreciate ur help in explaining me what interpersonal communication skills , and how can i get scheduling date in december as i have to be in this year match[im on visitor visa],may be i can find out what went wrong....thank you for any input......  
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* Re:i did all what ur saying???????????
  kingzkid - 12/08/06 10:44
  so sad to hear your story cuz I've been there but just pull of your gloves and fight on.... When you get the report then check out the areas of your weakness and work on those... Do not be discouraged now cuz this is the time to fight cuz you are a man. Good luck and God bless...  
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