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* is it right???plz.Guide........
  drdepressed - 12/12/06 00:37
  Friends I am going to take exam again...I failed in CIS..
If I drape after greeting,councel during history(social,sexual)and summarize during or just after hand washing....Is this approach right??I failed due to these 3 things and I dont want to miss them again........Is this approach is right??If not,then plz suggest some alternative......Thanks
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* Re:is it right???plz.Guide........
  tubreeze - 12/12/06 10:12

You need to do what you feel comfortable with. I failed in my first try in ICE, but did well in CIS. I think draping after greeting is convenient. I did summarization after P.E. I think this is efficient. My summarization included CC, 2-3 major HPI symptoms, one sentence about PE finding, 1-3 DD, 2-3 lab tests, and then ask if this is O.K.?

Good luck!
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* Re:is it right???plz.Guide........
  file - 12/12/06 12:03
  u should drape after greeting , summarize after HX very short 1 to 2 sentence only main points only in cases where u have time not neccesary in all cases before hand washing ,never talk while u r washing hands b/c u r not facing towards the sp  
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* Re:is it right???plz.Guide........
  gemstone - 12/12/06 16:33
  You don't have to drape RIGHT after greeting them, that seems so contrived.

I draped right after I asked consent to perform the physical examination. Somehow, that seems more appropriate, and I don't think you'll lose points because you did it this way, and not RIGHT after greeting them.

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* Re:is it right???plz.Guide........
  klap43zx - 12/12/06 16:40
  i talked to sp while washing hands but all the time i was facing the SP.will i fail?  
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* Re:is it right???plz.Guide........
  toyinsam1 - 12/12/06 16:52
  To klap43zx - No, you will not fail because of this. It is actually a good strategy to save time doing this. Just try to face the patient while doing this. I did this during my exam. and i passed at the 1st attempt. GL

To drdepressed _ Sorry to hear you were not successful. Pick yourself up and do it again. By the grace of God, you will be successful this time around. Now to your questions, ALL books and online stuuf that i used to prepare for the exam viz. 1st Aid, UW and Kaplan SUGGESTED AND ADVICED that you drape the patient IMMEDIATELY AFTER greeting them. This will prevent you FROM FORGETING to do it and also make concentrate on the work at hand. Try to consel AFTER the PE, this will TELL the patient that you have taken EVERYTHING into considerations including his Hx and your OWN findings on the PE and also save you time. My strategy was actually to incorporate the conselling and the summary together. GL
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* Re:is it right???plz.Guide........
  toyinsam1 - 12/12/06 17:52
  Sorry typo- make YOU concentrate on the work at hand
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* Re:is it right???plz.Guide........
  drdepressed - 12/12/06 19:22
  thanks to all of you,friends...but I forgot counseling like smoking cessation etc at the end and came out after explaining DD and work up..............  
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