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* failed in ice...part...dunnoo...whyy
  indiandoc2006 - 12/12/06 12:58
  followed evrything...pamhugsfoss...but still dunno..plsss advice how to pass that portion...  
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* Re:failed in ice...part...dunnoo...whyy
  drdepressed - 12/12/06 13:54
  hey friend,Just look at your score report,it might have the answer...Besides pamhugsfoss we have to ask key Qs regarding chief complaint and 2 to 3 imp DDs..Patient note also plays a great role in passing ICE..My DG is low,but due to my patient note I passed ICE component......Good luck  
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* Re:failed in ice...part...dunnoo...whyy
  dona - 12/12/06 18:24
  yes dr depressed his right
another thing which will help..which helped me..

keep on talking to the patient( its written in first aid) the patient will feel happy and you will feel more comfortable...

i made alot of mistakes but talking to the the patients helped me alot in a sense i was less nervous which makes yourself feel better and that helps in rem everything clearly in ure mind because on that day ...anyone and everyone is nervous...but if u r comfortable..everything will flow in and speaking ..while doing every proceedure helps...

it helped me!!!
My preparation
10 days..i had a friends notes +first aid
i had no one to practise on..

Everytime u enter the room...keep God in your mind...have faith
Good luck
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* Re:failed in ice...part...dunnoo...whyy
  usmle_813 - 12/13/06 02:51
  Go through FA again and memorize all cases and practice.  
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