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* Precious time
  cris - 11/01/06 15:43
  How long does it take for the program to have available LOR from the date you applied for the program.I applied yestraday and my lor are not available. ECFMG said it takes same time., but how long????
IF you already applied and you know how long does it take to have LOR available for program directors even though they are in ecfmg postoffice please tell me. Thank you
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* Re:Precious time
  cris - 11/01/06 16:42
  Please what is usual time for eras to release LOR to the program since I applied yestarday. How many days. MY LOR has been scanned already thru ecfmg but they are unavailable for program directors. Please answer  
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* Re:Precious time
  aphrodite - 11/01/06 16:59
  Hi cris,
when you apply LORs take 12 to 24 hours to be uploaded to the post office.once they are in the post office,they are available for retrieval by programs.hope it helps.
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* Re:Precious time
  cris - 11/01/06 17:50
  thanks aphrodite.
In my case 24 hrs passed by and my LOR are not available for programs/not uploaded to the postoffice/ and deadline is today. I am upset.
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* Re:Precious time
  aphrodite - 11/01/06 19:21
  did u call ecfmg?
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