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* Greetings!
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 17:34
  Hey man, some is going around deleting some of the posts on the thread made by Bhoshidekee  
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* Re:Greetings!
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 17:36
  So, what's up day was alright...I'm at a 2:2:1 ratio.....NR:I:R

Studying is a little s l o w
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* Re:Greetings!
  aphrodite - 11/01/06 17:39
  you keep jumping threads :)........nothings up....just messing around ;)  
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* Re:Greetings!
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 17:43
  Sorry Aphrodite,

I know I keep jumping threads...I'm growing frustrated with my own level of procrastination for the step 3's next week. Please, note, I don't want a response to the last statement...just want to voice my frustrations that's all.

How about you Aphrodite? Anything cool and interesting in your ERAS mailbox??
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* Re:Greetings!
  aphrodite - 11/01/06 17:46 mailboxs been dead and has turned into a DEAD CORPSE :) and it will remain so....till I get the funeral arrangements done.....little worm of a mailbox!! anxiety levels up too....hence the sequelous addiction to uforum.  
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* Re:Greetings!
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 17:48
  : (

Give them a few days before they get a chance to get through the MSPE's. From what everyones saying...this is it! The big month! My buddy last year, said that many of his I's came in Nov...slowly but surely..

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* Re:Greetings!
  aphrodite - 11/01/06 17:49
  hmm...................I DONT KNOW :) ...and lately I dont seem to care!!...  
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* Re:Greetings!
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 17:51
  Maybe not caring (for the interim) is a good thing. Getting all worked up over this residency business. It has a way of burning you out. Know what I'm saying? It's good to take a break and step back and take a breath...(I hope I read your last reply correctly)

Anywayz, I must get going...get a little work done!
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