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* help needed..anyone .....
  inneed - 11/01/06 19:08
  tel me one thing if i have sent my us LOR previously ...but for few prog i dint attached tht LOR..i havnt got any response from those....i just now (THRU eras) attched tht LOR....its an excellent lor..will it make a difference.....can i expect a call from them now......i dint recieve any IV/REJ from them.
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  nim - 11/01/06 19:10
  nobody can tell if they call u or wont but its good that u attached new one ... have they downloaded it?
also u can try calling them tomorrow asking them to take a second look ... that might help
best luck
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  inneed - 11/01/06 19:12
  thx fren..i attached now..they can see tomorrow i suppose wen they download it...only of a download....aneways thx a ton.  
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  amytaliban - 11/01/06 19:14
  its really hard to tell now since most programs received more than 3,000 applications for less than 15 spots, so I dont think PD will find time to open your application again to review it. The best thing to do right now is call them and inform them of your updates. good luck to you.!!!!!!!!!!!  
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  inneed - 11/01/06 19:15
  i will amytaliban......thanku  
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  rini - 11/01/06 19:16
  call them .only way to make them give ur applicas another look  
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  inneed - 11/01/06 19:17
  ..even if i havnt recieved any rej/iv from i received rej from only i prog out of those....suggest ?
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  rini - 11/01/06 19:20
  yep i advise u to call them
no harm in calling, amongst thousands of applications why wud they bother going thru all ur docs again and again
just a suggestion though
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  inneed - 11/01/06 19:21
  u r right rini ..i will calll tomorrow....once my LOR shows to b uploadd...thx
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  amytaliban - 11/01/06 19:23
  most programs will not respond to our applications and will only send invitations if needed be. no response is almost as good as rejection and they will not reopen your case if they have no reason to do that. let them know.  
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* Re:help needed..anyone .....
  inneed - 11/01/06 19:24
  right amytaliban ..its getting complicated ?  
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