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* for tinks
  areza - 11/09/06 08:09
  hi tinks ,how was ur int in BL.....plz guide us ...i,m very confused cuz it,ll be my 1st int ..have no idea ..
i,ll really appreciate for ur input
best of luck in your match
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* Re:for tinks
  ontherocks - 11/09/06 12:57
  hi areza
don't worry it is a very cool interview.The PD is very good so are the attendings.They ask u all about ur resume,PS and stuffs like that.Nice coffe and donuts,and good lunch.
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* Re:for tinks
  tinks - 11/09/06 12:59
  sorry areza i didn't see the post earlier...but it is a cool interview as ontherocks said.Just be confident.They will put u at ease.I personally liked the program.  
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* Re:for tinks
  areza - 11/09/06 13:42
  thanks ontherocks and tinks....
did they ask to present a case or not
did they ask any med qs
and where i can get the information about the prog cuz i went to the website it doesn,t show up recent info i guess...... even i found that pd has been changed ...
if u guys give me these info i,ll really appreciate
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* Re:for tinks
  areza - 11/09/06 13:47
  can u plz email me at really need some help  
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* Re:for tinks
  ontherocks - 11/09/06 13:53
  why u so tensed up just relax.... The PD is Dr.Adeniyi (i have no idea who the former pd was) and no med que or case presentation for me.  
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* Re:for tinks
  bluetooth - 11/09/06 13:57
relax areza..there will a bunch of people along with you.... go to interview in a relaxed state. do your homework and give your best. dont worry about the case presentations and medical questions. even if they are there you can only do what you can do. dont pressurize yourself.
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* Re:for tinks
  areza - 11/09/06 15:23
  thanx a lot for all of ur input  
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