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* just back from day 2
  gigi2hani - 11/01/06 16:36
  hi all
first 2 blocks were very easy and nice straigt forword qs
3rd and 4th were really hard and very short i had to just put b or c for last 7 for each withouy reading it
cases were all ok but i think i did not finish a single one or discharge a single patiet , just did counseling , and time was out, so i hope they just give me score for one to one step and diagnosis.
cases were abuse, otites media, temporal artritis, mi, vaginitis, ..... i canot think of the others ut i will take a hot shower and set back to my pc ,
good luck to all of you
i really hope i pas and i dont have to study all that againe , please pray for me , cause when i look back for a second i donot think i have the confidence in passing , but God almighty has his ways , he does miracles that i am sure of , so if i helped one by mensioning what i got at my test ( as many of you helped me in the past) please pray for me
thanks and good luck all
if you have any questins , i will be back in few hours
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* Re:just back from day 2
  alan - 11/01/06 17:35
  Hi Gigi
How are you feeling after a nice hot shower? baby and you both are doing fine?
see you later.
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* Re:just back from day 2
  step32006 - 11/01/06 17:37
  Could you please, see my message under name Step3, I wrote something about my cases, and if have any idea if I have a chance to pass. My user name is Step32206.  
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* Re:just back from day 2
  gigi2hani - 11/01/06 18:33
  hi all
the other cases were : dka, suicide, subdural hematoma

to alan
thanks for aking i fel realy good that i am done with my test
and now i am just ready for the baby which due is in 4-5 weeks if not sooner
now i can sleep at night , go work without having the guelt that i have studing to do
not awakeen at 3 am to solve some uw questions, try to see why i did not get any iv phine calls till now for match !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and sleep, sleep and sleep
the most is to pray that God will work with the littel i had , with his unmeasurable hand to make me pass and never to have to study againe for that test
pray for me guys , and any qus , are wellcomed ( just hope to pass)
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* Re:just back from day 2
  gigi2hani - 11/01/06 18:38
  hi step32006
i am in the same shose , i donot know if iwill pass or not , actually it seem like we had the same cases, cause one was aortic stenosis , but i sent him to the surgent for surgery . and when i did that it ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but i counseled him , for diet, and meds complience ....etc.
you seem like you did great , and as heared in that forum it is not finishing the case it is scoring each step thriough the way ( i hope ) SO LETS PRAY THAT WE BOTH WILL DO FINE AND EVERYBODY ELS WILL DO TOO
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* Re:just back from day 2
  auerrod - 11/01/06 19:28
  Wow Gigi,
I hope I have half the strength as you! Well, congrats for completing the exam....thats an accomplishment in itslelf!!!
Just curious, did you do NBME? If so, did you feel that the exam was similar (time wise) & content.
G'luk for the result & rest of pregnancy!
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* Re:just back from day 2
  step32006 - 11/01/06 22:16
  Thanks for the responce gigi2hani, I hope so to score well, but for the result I have to wait at least 3 weeks more. Let's cross the fingers!  
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* Re:just back from day 2
  gigi2hani - 11/02/06 06:04
  to auerrod
i did not have time to do nbme , cause as i said i am working and having the baby with one good day and few bad days , and i had my elegiability period schadualed up till nov 9th.,,( which i only applied in aug. so i started part time studing in sept. with kaplan books , q bank , crush 3 which i did 3 times total and uw ccs twice and uw q only 500 qs cause i id not have time to finish it , but most of the questions came exactly like uw , actuallly 2 questions felt like it was the same word by word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!unlike step 2 were qs were so hard then the test , actually uw did pret y good job this time and cases were almost from the uw , but my soft ware at the test center was so slow to download each time you wright something .
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* Re:just back from day 2
  dr_nuri - 11/02/06 22:25
  hey gigi...did u find kaplans Q book worth doing.isnt uswd sufficient.hey did u read crush for step2.i thought revising the same coz exam soon so cnt do crush step 3 now.ur input appreciated.thanxs  
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* Re:just back from day 2
  gigi2hani - 11/03/06 15:00
  hi dr-nuri
crush step 2 is more then step 3 but it is very much the same ward to ward most of the times , even pictures are almost the same .
kaplan books , i started with it and when i got uw i found it waist of my time but to till the truth it was a slow ok start for me , againe cases in uw is more then enough , good luck and pray for me to pass, pleaseeeeeeee
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* Re:just back from day 2
  dr_nuri - 11/05/06 11:46
  hi thanxs gigi...u r great,helping poeple a body can stop u back,u wd surely be thru,believe me,my best wishes are with you dear.GL.  
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