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* ccs help
  erythro - 11/02/06 02:40
  Guys do we need to discharge every patients..Like when u do the first step-3 CD ccs case (tension pneumothorax),you shift the patient to ward and at tht time is fine,I mean completely stable...then tht window appears..uer case will end in 5 mns..and review order,or exit at tht time u check the O2 saturation and rest is fine...Now the question is will u exit the case at tht time?...or can we have to discharge every pts..(uff i guess i am getting confused)/...where r u humerus........alan...guys tips needed regarding ccs....thanks  
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* Re:ccs help
  erythro - 11/02/06 02:43
  uff horrible english....I hope you guys get the point..Should hv been sleeping this time,but this stupid insomnia...Humerusssssssssssss..whr r u.....  
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* Re:ccs help
  sunbin - 11/02/06 07:09
  hi, erythro,

sorry, i cant answer your Q, but i am curious where i can buy css CD? in classifieds? plz help
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* Re:ccs help
  erythro - 11/02/06 14:41
  Guys helppppppppppppp...Do we need to discharge each and every pt even if he is of tension pneumothorax,aortic dissection,cardiac tamponade,or case may end when the acute emergency is well managed..and probably shifted to ward/icu...need uer inputs

Brother this is the CD provided by the FSMB when u enrol for the test.Everyone taking step-3 recieves tht,so dont worry if u have registered rt now,it must be coming or else go to i guess from there u can download these 5 of luck
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* Re:ccs help
  ameoba - 11/02/06 15:55
  good question! i want to know the answer, too. but don't we have to treat/manage the underlying disease of like cardia tamponade-uremia, tuberculosis, malignancy..etc.? before discharging him/her? i am new to the forum...  
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* Re:ccs help
  catchup07 - 11/02/06 18:02
  erythro: My exam is also in a few days. I don't think we need to discharge every patient. Just review order, for safe side, I would also advise/educate pt at the end even he is still in hospital.

I'm not sure either, since I have not done my exam yet.

Good luck.
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* Re:ccs help
  alan - 11/02/06 19:55
I can't say for sure, but it is reasonable that you have to finish certain amount work to get pay. if 5 mins pop up, I try to understand it as endpoint, which it means at this time and location have you done what you should have done either work up or continue monitor or discharge, and I will not look at it as the end of the case....never end, until the borad tells you so. That is just my opinion, I think people have taken the exam will have more accurate idea.
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