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* to gigi!
  nicke - 11/03/06 00:34
  congrats that you are done with your exam,i am in the same boat(8 month pregnant).GOD help us all.can you suggest how to practise for ccs.exam in few days!  
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* Re:to gigi!
  gigi2hani - 11/03/06 14:57
  hi nicke and sorry for the delay
for the ccs , try to do the cases in the usmle cd , it will give you a good idea in what to expect , do it once , and if you donot get anything like the way it should be , read the ttt from kaplan and just wright the ttt as if it is from your brain , now you will see that the patient is getting better , and how it is going when you are in the right tract,
then from the source you`re doing your ccs( uw or kaplan ) start reading the cases , iread it once , and 4 days before my test i was just going throught their diagnosis and steps to remember , like for dka : have to do , iv access, iv fluids, finger stick , dextrose,thiamen and naloxone if in come , pulse oxy and oxygen , insuline iv then sc later , kcl , cbc, bmp , and check chest x-ray , ua , ......etc it will take a 2 mins for each case ......
drink alot of water but the day of the test try not to cause you will need to go to the bathroom alot , i toke a break after each single block the first day cause i had to use the ladies room , and 4th break you have to eat sme carbs , or a sandwich to keep your baby from kiking alot ( mine was going crazy ) , the second day i took a break every two blocks and it was fine , time flys in the second day
good luck and god bless you and your baby
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* Re:to gigi!
  nicke - 11/03/06 15:51
  thanks alot for your reply and i also wish you and your baby happiness.
gigi what do you mean by ttt from kaplan,what is ttt.
i am doing ccs from UW.and bythe way did they give any extra break time or any other facility to pregnant docs?
thanks again.
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* Re:to gigi!
  dr_nuri - 11/03/06 23:50
  hey are u and ur cute baby doing.plz tell me what areas of stress in cardio mcqs,i am doing very bad in this topic in uswd. and also tell me the concept of erasable board(where can i find this) and 5 min pop up in ccs cases.thanxs.reply soon.  
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* Re:to gigi!
  gigi2hani - 11/04/06 06:25
  hi nicke i ment by ttt. like if you open a case and you donot know what to do next , it is a agood idea to just look how it gos in the material you are studing from , as if you coauching your self , and offcourse they donot give any extra break for no one my friend you just have to manage yourself , good luck

and to dr- nuri for cardio i donot remmember the mcq that good but i got 2 ekg , one was normal and one was cardiac tamponade, ahhh one question was tachycardia mangment , ....5 min pop up actually will allow you to only erase ( CANCEL ) AN ORDER, or wright a new one , i mainly used it to counsel the patient casue i cauldnot discharge him at that point , and i think i got it for most of my cases., then you can exit case and right diagnosis
good luck
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* Re:to gigi!
  dr_nuri - 11/04/06 09:18
  thanxs gigi  
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