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* fcvs
  enos - 11/03/06 10:38
  When you apply for step 3, the website directs you toward FCVS to initiate your credentials verification.. Should we do that?? Or is it after you complete residency??

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* Re:fcvs
  enos - 11/03/06 11:46
  Why is step 3 so slow compared to the others??? Come on people let's be active and answer each others questions!!!  
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* Re:fcvs
  huanta - 11/03/06 12:41
  The credentials verification is necessary when you are ready to apply for a licence in a state, not for taking step 3.
You can start the process now but you don't need until you are ready to apply for licence.
This process may take a long time (maybe 6 months or more) so do it before you comple your residency.
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* Re:fcvs
  enos - 11/03/06 13:07
  don't we have to have temporary licence to start residency?? Do we have to do that or does the hospital take care of it?  
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* Re:fcvs
  huanta - 11/03/06 14:09
  Depends of the program. Some programs require a temporary licence. The program will tell you what you need but step 3 is not required for that. Most hospitals require that you do that (for example they want your medical school send directly to them your transcrips). Some other programs just require a hospital permit and the process is easier.  
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* Re:fcvs
  enos - 11/03/06 14:17
  even if you want an H1 visa??  
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* Re:fcvs
  huanta - 11/03/06 15:06
  I don't have an answer for that. But I know a friend that got an H1 visa when she pass her step 3 nine months after starting the program.  
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* Re:fcvs
  enos - 11/03/06 15:12
  thanks, huanta, I appreciate it, that wa helpful  
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