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* answer needed
  erythro - 11/05/06 16:24
  124. 26 yo female came to office with intermittent PALPITATIOns. Exam reveals mid systolic click and late low grade systolic murmur... Echo confirms ur disgnosis...THe next best step is?
A) Discuss options regarding valve replacement
b) Suggest Treatment with beta blockers
C)observation with Antibiotic prophylaxis for dental Procedures.
d)Advice abstinence from exercise and stressful activitie
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* Re:answer needed
  erythro - 11/05/06 16:26
  127. Neurogenic shock is characterized by each of the following except:
a) hypotension
b) bradycardia
C) spinal cord injury
d) oliguria
?e) severe head injury
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* Re:answer needed
  anila_indian - 11/05/06 16:28
  127 a  
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* Re:answer needed
  erythro - 11/05/06 16:28
  129. 16 year old high school drop out did not have periods for last 3 months. She is sexually active with one patner for 1 year. Does not use contracptives. Preg. test positive.

The reason that this adolescent's failure to use contraceptive

A. Concern about weight gain
B. Cost of Contraception
C. Patner's opposition to contraception
*D.Concern about confidentiality
E.Desire to become pregnant
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* Re:answer needed
  drsandeep7 - 11/05/06 16:42
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* Re:answer needed
  erythro - 11/05/06 16:46
  144. The parents of a 20-month-old female bring her to your office because she has lost consciousness twice recently. They describe two episodes where the child was crying vigorously then “turned purple and passed out.” The child is an otherwise healthy product of a term delivery. There is no history of head trauma and no family history of seizures or cardiac problems. The episodes are not associated with fever or other symptoms. Physical examination of the child is normal.
Which one of the following would be most appropriate at this point?
*A) Reassurance
B) A CT scan of the brain
C) An EKG and chest radiograph
D) Measurement of serum glucose, electrolytes, and hematocrit
E) Echocardiography

to dr sandeep..where r u frm..r u frm JNMCH?
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* Re:answer needed
  cadenza - 11/06/06 15:24
  144. a
i think it is erythro.
i saw ur postings,
n i m praying for u
may u pass with flying colors
best of luck ...... to alan too
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