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* OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  target_step3 - 11/22/06 15:04
  Just received my Step 3 result. 83/202.

Yes, 4 USMLE Exams over 1 and a half year, felt like a roller coaster ride, but that was the best ride we've been on in a long, LONG time!

Friends, any questions you might have, are welcome.

TRUST me if feels FANTA-HOLY-FREAKIN-ABULOUS once it's done :-)
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* Re:OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  pisum - 11/22/06 15:11
  Congrats buddy

Can u plz tell abt the study sources u read. Is nbme worth taking ? Is UW and Kaplan Q-book enough to take step 3?

GL gor match
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* Re:OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  luckyal - 11/22/06 16:19
  Congrats! That's a quite one! When did your result report?
I wonder how long it will take to arrive after result report. Thanks
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* Re:OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  roniabrahim - 11/22/06 16:30
want to take exam in 15 days as my prematch offer depends on it. just guide me
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* Congrats!
  auerrod - 11/22/06 19:15
  How did you feel after the exam? Did you feel confident that you'd pass?
Congrats again!
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* Re:OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  algolysin - 11/23/06 09:43
  congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my step 3 is in two months (after I will receive the ECFMG Certificate), then into the residency, hopefully on H1 visa, if I pass.....
Congrats again, and well dome!!!
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* Re:OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  tea - 11/23/06 13:58
  congrats and good luck  
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* Re:OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  target_step3 - 11/24/06 02:21
  Hi Guys. Thank you for your best wishes.

PISUM & RONIABRAHAM- I did Kaplan Step 2 and UW. Also a bit of which is now non-existent. I did not do NBME.

LUCKYAL- If you are in the US, it takes 3-7 days after reporting, to reach you.

AUERROD- I felt terrible about 2 blocks on the first day. I guess both were In-patient blocks with very lengthy questions. Other than that it seemed fine to me.

ALGOLYSIN & TEA- Thank you! and Good Luck to you too.
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* Re:OOOooooooooh yeahhHHHHH!
  target_step3 - 11/24/06 02:26
  Another piece of advice to all of you appearing for Step 3- Think of a step by step approach in each case.

Example- Acute otitis media
Rx of AOM in a kid for the first time
-do- for recurrent episodes
-do- in a kid already on antibiotics
-do- despite myringotomy

Good Luck to all of you!
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