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* urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adv needed
  drsteve - 11/23/06 10:15
  hey guys

exam in 10 days
got a low score on nbme - 360
but gotta take the exam
now in the evaluation - i did well in medicie - above average - ok and had 6 stars in medicine
but obgyn,psych, surg was very poor - below average
peds was also on the lower side

now i am just finishing readin step 2 psych notes
i have made very detailed UW STEP 2 notes
topic wise in medicine - some 250 odd pages
what should i do for medicine
have only till monday evening for it
then last 6 days will revise - peds/surg/obgyn which i am weak in

should i try and read step 2 ck notes in medicine
or just read the step 2 uw notes
i had written almost everything --- then educ object + lotta concepts

cant do both
so which one should it be ??
if i slog
maybe i will be able to read all the uw notes
but not sure about step 2 ck for medicine as it is vast

uw 54
before which i read step 3 notes once

thanks a ton


peds/surg and obgyn i will read the step 2 ck notes

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* Don't focus on NBME score.
  auerrod - 11/23/06 10:25
  Hey, I suggest you close the book on Medicine for now! Focus on Neonatology/Peds/Surg ( esp. Ortho), Psych Meds ( know the SE of all the major catagories) and of course, practice CCS.
GL.....try to relax and be confident!
You'll be fine.
Auer rod
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* Re:urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adv needed
  drsteve - 11/23/06 12:34
  well thanks
i will be doing peds surg obgyn in the last week
so that im fresh
gotto do medicine now till mon

tk cr

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* Re:urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adv needed
  sandy - 11/23/06 13:18
  hey guys,

i am in a same boat, exam in 2 weeks want to know how much time is required for ccs cases i have read all ccs cases ones from uw but yet to partice is 1 week enough for partice also want to know how much orders from uw cases for each case do you guys remember, i mean do we have recollect all the order as given in uw or 80 to 90% will be ok.

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* sandy
  drsteve - 11/23/06 16:33
  hey sandy

when is ur exam ?
did u do uw ? nbme ?
how did u fare ?

if u have good scores in these - concentrate more on ccs
im screwed
i gotta do both theory as well as ccs

tk cr

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* Re:urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adv needed
  sandy - 11/23/06 19:28
  hi steve,

my exam is on 6 dec, i finish uw 1st time avg 52% 2nd time 65%. i have not taken nbme yet but i am planning to take but 1st wanted to finish cases i don't know how much time it will take to partice on cd even if i finish by middle of next week then by friday i might take nbme
i don't know. what do u think?

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