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* Passed with 219/90
  catchup07 - 11/29/06 21:51
  Dear friends on this forum:
I called one of programs and knew that I passed my step 3 with 219/90. I'm very happy and relieved now.

Materials that I used:

Kaplan step 2 books: read twice
Kaplan step3 books: read once
Kaplan Qbook: average 60-70%
Uworld: average 58.7% (one and half months before exam), timed, did once, and made notes, read notes twice.
NBME 10 days before exam: 590, timed without break
Crush step 3: spent 2 days reading once, about one week before exam
Swanson's: spent one day reading women's health, sports medicine etc. about one week before exam.
Plus this forum.
CCS: I only used UW, read once, and practiced once in USMLE CD. Occasionally, used First aid.

In real exam: the MCQs were like UW style, not NBME in terms of length and difficulty. In every block I got loads of CXR which I was not sure what was happened in those CXR. A few ECG were easy, a few derma were easy. After exam, I was very confused and had no confidence at all. I feel like that UW questions are the key to this exam. CCS: I tried to do basic things in each case, only one of my cases ended before time, the rest just kept running until 20 min, some improved, some not.

I'm a very old graduate, took my step 1 & 2 many years ago. Had been doing research in US for several years, and had no clinical experience in US. Took CS in July, started to prepare for step 3 in August, studied really hard the last month before exam. With this background, if I can pass, you can pass!

Thank all friends in this forum for sharing information. I gained not only knowledge but encouragement as well from this forum. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Wish you all good luck and success in step 3, residency and future career!

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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  chess1 - 11/29/06 22:18
  Congratulation and good luck in residency  
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  drzx - 11/29/06 22:20
  Wow !! that is an incredible score for step 3............congrats man!!!  
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* congrats!
  aceit - 11/29/06 22:22
  You are amazing! Hats off to you!
I also felt the exam had too many x'rays I didn't know!! I hope I give me hope now
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  varicella - 11/29/06 22:23
  Congs!! **** What a good score!!
How many months did you study, did you study everyday, and how many hours?
I am also an old graduate, and took step2 in 2000, I am planning to take step3 in feb 07, I am very nervous about this test, please advise.
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  catchup07 - 11/30/06 12:21
  Thanks, guys.
Varicella: I took my CS in July, I think that helps in my CCS part. After CS, I started to prepare for step 3. I studied full time for 3 months, average 6-10 hours / day depending on my kids' schedule. It was hard because I did not touch any medical books for so many years. During my study, I need to keep checking lots of step 1 and 2 stuff. You still have time, do UW thoroughly. Good luck!
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  tea - 12/01/06 00:28
  great news, congrates, best of luck.  
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  tasneembanu - 12/01/06 12:44
  Congrats thats a great score.Thanks for posting ur study experience,it was helpful.All the best for residency.  
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  img11 - 12/01/06 17:02
  great score man, congrates  
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  targetjan - 12/03/06 21:24
  thanks for your help.
please let me know about illinois licensing policy, what about 5 attempts combined for all steps?
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* Re:Passed with 219/90
  wongx007 - 12/10/06 21:07
  Hi Catchup,
Great score! Do you still have Kaplan step 2 notes? email me: if you want to sell it.
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