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* aortic stenosis
  daiguren - 12/02/07 02:34
  how does pheylephrine decrease the murmur in AS and amyl nitrite increase the murmur?
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* Re:aortic stenosis
  prayforthebest - 12/02/07 02:40
  afterload increases with phenlephrine less blood pumped out of the heart, more blood in the heart hence AS murmur intensity decreases. Opposite for amyl nitrite.  
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* Re:aortic stenosis
  darkhorse - 12/02/07 04:39
  AS murmur is dependent on aortic gradient....normally pressure is high on the cardiac side of aortic valve and low on the aorta side.....phenylephrine causes vasoconstriction...thereby increses peripheral vascular increses the pressure on the aorta.....thereby decreasing the intensity of murmur decreases....and the reverse happens with amyl nitrate being a vasodilator  
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* Re:aortic stenosis
  aliston - 10/15/20 09:47
  Many live with the debilitating symptoms of severe aortic stenosis, impacting their quality of life, adding considerable costs to the healthcare system.  
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* Re:aortic stenosis
  aliston - 10/15/20 09:48  
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* Re:aortic stenosis
  krischan - 12/24/20 08:11
  Open heart surgery is a surgical procedure to fix an error or damage in one's heart. The surgery requires the surgeon to open the chest to access the heart. The most common type of open-heart operation is a coronary artery bypass.  
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