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* to ny kind soul....ccs cases..please help
  img1113 - 01/03/07 06:18
  i plan to take step 3 soon....
cud nyone pls tell me tat how do we practise ccs cases given in the usmle world.....??
help appreciated..
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* Re:to ny kind soul....ccs cases..please help
  drzx - 01/03/07 10:36
  open the fsmb cd and slecta op case. when the primus page opens hit the window key on your keypad and open the uw case. read the initial complaint in the uw case and imagine that's what u r reading on the primus page. as u keep hitting the ojk on the primus for the next window read the uw case info.and then proceed. Sometimes several tests are indicated in the uw which r mentioned at the same time and the results also appear to be obtained at the same time. but this is not true with the primus /real exam. u need to practise this part a lot. for eg. if a young female comes with lower abd pain. and her lmp was >3weeks.u can immed order hcg urine stat and get the results in 5 min which can help u in making decision for other tests instead of ordering several this case if she is preg u can safely order ultrasound transvaginal as the next step. but if it is negative then u can exclude preg related prob and order other tests. it is all vcery specific to each case. the point is to master the softwae by repeating the caese as many times as possible.
One more thing is to try to figure which tests give immed is in the case of preg test hcg stat gives immed result but if u dont click on stat it will take longet time and u will not be able to decide properly in the intial satge.
Even if u are practising ER cases of uw select an op case in fsmb and thgen move him to the ER immed. Donot select Er case in fsmb cd because it is designed to be treated quickly and if u try diff orders it will end abruptly.
When u r almost prepared for the exam then u try the actual fsmb cases instead of trying them from the beginning/cause that will be like actual testing yourself befire exam

hope this helps.
if there is any confusion let me know
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* Re:to ny kind soul....ccs cases..please help
  img1113 - 01/04/07 11:24
  thanks drzx...
tats a great help.....

i had one more dificulty ...i m makin mistakes while changing d location of the patient....i mean if a pt comes to d office ...u order sm tests.....when does he go back home?? when do u call him back?? how do we knw all tat??

also, while u order d tests in d pt. u think are necessary, then u advance d time n look for results ...rite??? this mite b true for the emergency cases, what abt d office cases.....u advance the time and d pt is sittin there in ur office..or u send him back n call him later.... I knw this mite sound u weired......but need help......
ur help is really appreciated...thanks a lottttt!!
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