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* to dear doctors
  honu - 01/03/07 10:44
  how important is it to score in step 3 for fellowship opportunities....and if yes then how much?.....i have already got a residency in IM.  
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* Re:to dear doctors
  drzx - 01/03/07 10:58
  i heard that if u score well in step 3 the opport to get a fellowship is good. but as i mentioned earlier i only heard about it and am not sure. I think u can call/mail your programs resident and get the correct info  
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* Re:to dear doctors
  honu - 01/03/07 11:01
  thank u so much..can u pls ans my link below.  
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* Re:to dear doctors
  kita - 01/03/07 11:28
  fellowship is not dependent on your scores,but with increasing competition i wont be surprise if they start bringing trivia things like s3 score  
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* No
  driven7 - 01/04/07 12:22
  In my IM program, there are a lot of residents who got fellowships even without taking S3. You need to have good work ethics and research experiance for fellowships overall. I have heard that family medicine requires high scores in S3 to get fellowships.
So no, I don't think it's imp to get high scores to get fellowships from IM residency...
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