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* please advise on how to proceed
  farha - 01/03/07 12:25
  I have just past step 1,2 and ck and recieved my certification...actually got my result a while ago but got mail just today cuz of holidays I guess.
My ques is rather silly but what should i do next.. i need to know how to go about doing the follwing things:

1. giving step 3. I am in ohio right now, and i read iin several posts that the CT step 3 has the least requirement , but ohio has its own website for the step 3 registration...any advise on what i should do? i am open to doing residency wherever i get it...

2nd question: what should i do in order to register for the match and how can i find more info n how to do this?

question 3:can any kind person suggest books/websites/ or advise on step by step prep of application materials/cover letters/PS/ and how to decide which programs to apply to...where can i find info on how much it will cost me per program to apply? How can i find progams friendly to old IMGs?

Feeling very lost and would welcome any pointers/advice etc
thanks all
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* Re:please advise on how to proceed
  ganja_doc - 01/03/07 12:41
  1. (all ur answers for step3 are listed here)
2. Click on Registration... very simple steps
3. They are already posted on this forum... read previous posts

Call prgs to find if they are IMG friendly and requirements.. <2minutes/call
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* Re:please advise on how to proceed
  farha - 01/04/07 18:36
  thanks..will review all in detail..i had lost this q in the thread  
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