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* ccs simulated cases
  sunny09 - 01/05/07 12:16
  where can I practise ccs cases that are simulated? I have done USMLE cd but I want to practise more as I tend to make mistakes... can someone suggest me plz?  
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* Re:ccs simulated cases
  adrenaline2176 - 01/05/07 12:30
  U have to get a subscription to They r really good.  
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* Re:ccs simulated cases
  sunny09 - 01/05/07 12:53
  Thnx for your reply. But in USmle world we just have the 88 cases which we cannot practise. I want to practise these cases the way I do in the exam. It should be the way its in the usmle cd where we r given 25 minutes to finish the case. Is there any site where i can find them?  
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* Re:ccs simulated cases
  aussieoy - 01/05/07 16:54
  No site will give the exact same method becuase no one knows how the CCS is scored and all of their algorithms. The best site is probably which gives you feedback at each step and requires you to input orders, but they don't let you do what you want to do and they only have 40 cases. There is also passfirst which lets you do anything you want, but they give you no feedback on how you did and their explanations are very poor. Your best bet right now is usmlesteps123.  
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* Re:ccs simulated cases
  waleed - 01/05/07 18:20
  you may also check shaher CCS it has 75 cases and it is realy cool  
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* Re:ccs simulated cases
  sunny09 - 01/05/07 19:47
  thnx guyz for ur suggestions..  
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