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* omg !
  softkittenthuy - 07/13/08 22:53
  right_doc - 07/13/08 09:51

Dear friends - sorry for using this forum for these sort of discussions. This forum is meant only for USMLE and I do sincerely realise this. Just felt like writing all these for the gentleman Dr PTH. If you are bored of my words - ignore this but please dont curse me....

Dear PTH

I know well that you really wanted to know abt the differences. The reason for a very irritated reply from us - is because we have had enough of it here.

I feel its crystal clear to all of us is UK is no where near comparision. Probably you can compare UK to Australia / Canada / Asian countries - but not to US. You could even compare NHS health care with other government sponsored health care like in India or other developing countries. Atleast these guys have lots of money to invest in health care now - but not UK. UK lives on tax payers money more than any other country.

Tax for middle income group - including trainee doctors is 40%, VAT 17.5%, Road tax for an average car i own is £400 i.e. $800 per year, and so on and on...... with the recent troubles - the only place they could go back for help again is the tax payers - they keep working on it always - how to increase tax money.....

How is this related to health care and training for doctors? Where there is no money - there is no optimum health care....

Few salient points about NHS care:

1. They go for anything which is cheaper - if nurses are cheaper, NHS prefers them over doctors - it is rampant. If some antibiotic is cheaper - they prefer that over better ones. Similar is everything.

2. There are nurses nurses and nurses every where..... looks even like doctors are being phased out in many places. Many GP clinics are run by nurses and specialist clinics are run by nurses - even ITU opinion are given my nurses..... Holy shit ! but its ture here in England and other parts of UK.

3. Training for doctors - complete shambles - horrible selection criteria. Heard of Boots? the person who was helping them to recruit personnel was helping NHS to recruit doctors - at all stages - even for subconsultant appointments. She didn't have any health back ground - other than have seen medications kept in Boots stores shelf.

4. If you eventually get trained - going thru thousands of impediments, humiliation - you have no job guarantee. even if you get one - you are not the boss - like in many other countries - you are told what list to run - when to run - how much to run - and when to stop.
F***ing shit!!!!
I didnt want to be a doctor to go thru this shit.... Hell with this country.... Hell with this system.....

Hope this answers your queries....

sorry for the long mail.

right-doc: may i ask you a question ? PLEASE READ MY RESPONSE :

softkittenthuy - 07/13/08 22:33

hey, it is your dream and my dream of us residency, does anybody watch SICKO ? to see how terrible insurance and health care system in the us serve people ?

surely when to compare us, uk, european, australian, whatever hell it is, us is the best and also the worst one way or another !

please answer the question: health care is a human right or a privilege ? surely, many of you me, included, dream of becoming a us physician making lots of money together with haughty pride......who really care about patients ?

how much American pay for health insurance and the incomprehensible health care cost in the US and how much care do people really get ? Even people with the optimal insurance coverage, are they guaranteed of well taking care of when they get sick ? there are patients dumped everyday and rejected everyday at hospitals for care because of poverty and lack of insurance or even rejected by twisted and dirty insurance tricks.......

Please watch SICKO documentary of Micheal Moore ! you surely do not have time to do this.

After all, you think health care system is primarily to serve you, doctors and health professionals, or to serve people ? Where on Earth medical ethics really go after you "escaped" from the damn usmle exams ? health care is a human right or a privilege ?

sorry, i also blame myself for loving this profession so much ! i cannot help it !

Greed ? what a shame !

and please spend little of your precious time to read my rudimentary writing from this link below here. You are UK doc ? sorry, you make too many mistakes than i do even though i assume English is your first language ?
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